Thursday, 1 August 2013

Conference Day 2

Today Kevin had a walk through town and then walked the Tor as has become his daily practise.

The quite little lane at the side of our unit complex

Town Hall

Wonderful window display at the crystal shop

Yin Yang another fabulous shop

The prayer wheels out the front of the ashram

Looking up at the skys from inside the tower/tor

The fallen standing stone the entrance to the Tor Labyrinth

The Chalice Well Water flowing from the laneway ensuring access to the mothers water even when the well is closed

Directly opposite is the free flowing waters from the White Spring
I started my day early this morning at prayers in the wonderful Goddess Temple. The artwork within the temple is extraordinary all made by priestesses of the goddess, there are so many truly talented women.

I believe this amazing goddess statue which this photograph does no justice to was gifted to the temple from another temple and their priestesses she now stands so proudly on the Altar

The conference started today with a drama presentation from the first spiral priestesses honouring mother earth. We then were given 1/2 hour talks from various people on different aspects of the mother earth goddess and ended our morning with marvellous sacred singing with an amazing band of singers and musicians. We then broke for lunch and went to our selected workshops for the afternoon.

I went to the Miracle Room after lunch to see the sacred space and exhibition entitled Embrace by Wendy Andrew. This fabulous piece was created just for this conference and the centre is made up of leaves with the prayers of many of the attendees at conference forming the centre piece of the goddess. My personal prayer is held there with all the others a beautiful opportunity to form part of the whole which is what this conference is all about. This concept of all one is so wonderfully embraced and held by those designing the conference and you are never left out, everyone is included and embraced on a level that I have not experienced elsewhere.

Tonight I am off to celebrate Lammas on the slopes of the Tor in Bushy Coombe so wonderful to be able to celebrate on her land and honour her in this way.

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