Sunday, 4 August 2013

Conference Day 5

Today we had the opening of the day done by the Priestesses of Rhiannon. Followed by talks from Jane Meredith on the way the wheel has held her, healed her and taught her. We then heard from Clare Dakin a Treesisters a global network of women committed to healing their relationship to each other and the earth. Their aim is to reforest the tropics within the next 10 years.

We were then treated to the wonderful voice of an angel in her toning sounds as the dear Lady Olivia Durdin Robinson who was due to speak is not with us today as she has broken her ankle.

A ceremony was then done by the earth priestesses grounding the Mother Earth and the earth that has been at the centre of the conference brought here by all the participants was shared and we are then able to take it away with us. Unfortunately the Australian customs will not allow me to bring mine home with me so I will have to leave it here on the Apple Isle which now feels like a second home to me.

After lunch we then had workshops to go to and I went to the wonderful wise work of Helen Anthony and as we paired off. I was honoured to be working with Lydia Ruyle with such wisdom. Then in the evening it was the Conference Masked Ball and what a wonderful night it was.

My wonderful Aussie friend Jan.

The sunflower queen

This amazing costume travelled all the way from the USA.

Lydia and Jan

Kathy Jones

This amazing dress is made of pages from a book

Anita and Jan

Louise our Earth Circle Priestess

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