Friday, 2 August 2013

Conference Day 3

Today Kevin walked up Wearyall Hill on his walk through the town. Wearyall Hill is an elongated low hill which lies to the southwest of the town. It is here that Joseph of Arimathea is said to have placed his staff in the ground when he landed all-wear from his journey from the Holy Land. His staff sprouted and became the Holy Thorn, the descendants of which still blossom today at Christmastide. A cutting of the Holy Thorn is sent just before each Christmas to the Queen's table. The Holy Thorn was vandalised in December 2010 but it is hoped that with proper care it will regrow its crown. It blossomed at the Winter Solstice and in May. The thorn blossom is sacred to the orgiastic Goddess Cardea.

The vandalised Holy Thorn with prayer and healing ribbons around the protective fence

View back to the Tor from Wearyall Hill

Kevin's next stop was St Margaret’s Chapel, the Magdalene Almshouses and Quiet Garden  in a small secluded site in a conservation area off Magdalene Street. They have witnessed prayer and healing since the 13th Century when they were part of Glastonbury Abbey. The site is now managed by the Mary & Margaret Charity. The current chapel was built in 1444. It is nowadays used and revered by Christians, Sufis, meditators and followers of the Magdalene.
The finger labyrinth in the Almhouse

St Margaret's Chapel

A shop that Kevin found of which he is not sure what the sell, the sign says Traditional Hoodoo and Conjure, Tarot and Services
 I started my day at the prayer circle before conference today we then had an opening drama piece to start the day before we did our first workshop of the day. I chose to do bodywork which was very interesting.

Mother Earth ready for birthing

The children who were birthed from the mother
 After lunch I went to the Goddess Hall to see a creative piece that had been created in the garden of an ancient megalithic tomb.

Ceremonial or Meditative Circle in the back garden of the hall behind the Yurt

The wonderful Yurt

Looking back towards the hall from the garden
 We then joined together again for another creative piece of the transformation of the earth.

Followed by the sacred singing of the marvellous Julie Felix
After entertainment we went to our second workshop of the day and I did Kundalini yoga using the gifts from the mother, in the beautiful Goddess Hall.

Goddess Hall Main Altar

This evening we were entertained by a very extensive theatre piece about the story of the mother line and our connection to Mother Earth, an absolutely amazing presentation.

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