Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Walking out of the Labyrinth

Today was the day to walk out of the labyrinth, after being held safely within the Glastonbury Tor we walked the ceremonial way dedicated to the ancient British Goddess. Walking the land is an experience in mindfulness and an opportunity to dwell on and resolve deep issues as one walks the labyrinth pathways it brings us close and connected to the sacred. We spent 6 hours walking out of the labyrinth honouring all the elements of earth, fire, air and water. We started where we ended one week ago for the conference at the sacred egg stone, leaving behind our offering of honey, rose petals and flowers.

Walking on from the Egg Stone
The myths associated with Glastonbury Tor are extraordinary. It has been called a magic mountain, a faeries' glass hill, a spiral castle, a Grail castle, the Land of the Dead, Hades, a Druid initiation centre, an Arthurian hill-fort, a magnetic power-point, a crossroads of leys and a place of Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations. 

The Cretan Labyrinth on the Tor
Showing the layers of the Tor

The remaining tower of the church on top of the Tor

Views of Glastonbury

Carvings on the tower walls

The grove of three trees had such special energy

Sacred tree

Entering the Apple Orchid for lunch

Due to Australian Customs I was unable to bring our combined earth from all the corners of the world held in the cauldron of the conference home so I emptied the envelopes of soil onto my second sacred home and will be able to connect with it each time I wish to meditate on it held safely within the Apple Orchid

My messages from the Tor are simply and yet life changing. I leave and walk out the final gate back towards the township of Glastonbury feeling quietly tired, quietly changed but in simple yet very big ways and quietly resigned to the fact that the conference is now over. I will hold the experiences and the friendships close to my heart as I continue my journey through the UK then combined it all in Crete as I walk the ancient pathways there.

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