Saturday, 3 August 2013

Conference Day 4

Today Kevin visited the Somerset Rural Life Museum which covers the lives and skills of the people who lived in Somerset. He then followed this up with his daily ritual walk up the Glasstonbury Tor hill.

The Glastonbury Abbey Barn

Bakers Cart

Hay Wagon

Interior of the Abbey Barn

Wicker Work from Willow

Peat Barrow

Mud Horse Fishing Equipment
Yesterday at Conference there was a dedication to the life of Coco a Priestess Sister of the Glastonbury Temple who passed over in September last year. I had never known the women myself but was so moved by the words of those who knew and loved her dearly, that I could only hope to live a life so well to have people feel as they do for her for me when my time comes.

A college of photos of Coco who's dedication took place yesterday at conference.
Today the inspirational Lydia Ruyle talked on her images of the Earth Goddess, she has travelled the world with her work on the goddess and the banners she creates travel the world with her blessings to being joy and knowledge to all those who work with the goddess.

Lydia Ruyle & Julie Felix two matriarchs and inspirational women

Some of Lydia's sacred banners
Kathy Jones talking on the the Motherworld.

Carolyn Hillyer with her wild songs of mother earth
 After workshops this afternoon we attended a matriation ceremony this evening honouring the Heart of the Mysteries where we were given the opportunity to tell the goddess what gifts we bring to her and how we will serve her from now on. We then heard the truth in words of the Oracle of Eartha as we haven taken responsibility for being alive on the earth today. This was very sacred and special ceremony, we then received our mark of our Matriation.

We were gifted one of the many clay goddess made by all the participants of the conference to take away with us from the ceremony along with a message.

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