Monday, 12 August 2013

Cheddar Gorge

Today was our last day with Jan and our last staying in Glastonbury. We drove to Cheddar Gorge to explore the caves and gorge. It was a wonderful day seeing the sites of the gorge however a sad day to be leaving Glastonbury tomorrow and leaving our new and wonderful friend Jan whom I know we will be long time friends with as it feels we have known each other for years already.

Cheddar Man is the name given to the remains of a human male found in Gough's Cave in Cheddar Gorge. This was the first cave we viewed in the gorge. The remains date to the Mesolithic, approximately 7150 BC, and it appears that he died a violent death. It is Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton.

Excavated in 1903, the remains are kept by the National History Museum in London, but are not currently on display. A replica of the skeleton is exhibited in the "Cheddar Man and the Cannibals" museum in Cheddar village. The death of Cheddar Man remains a mystery. A hole in his skull suggests violence, and Gough's Cave was used for cannibalism, trophy display or secondary burial by pre-historic humans. Speculation based on scientifically investigated known ritual or warfare practices which existed during this early period is inconclusive.

Display of  where the skeleton was found in the cave

The cheddar cheeses are left the cave for 9 - 11 months to mature

I just loved the pools of water giving reflections of the formations

This part of the cave took Gough 8 years to reach this part of the cave and he was 72 years old at this stage completing the work at night as he worked as a guide during the day

We then boarded the bus for our drive through the gorge from the open air two decker bus.

The lion's rock - can you see him

We then went through the Cox's cave Gough's uncle who discovered this cave.

At the end of the cave you are taken through the Crystal Quest to meet the dragon.

After lunch in a lovely tea room we climbed the 274 steps to the tower for views of the gorge and area.

View of  the tor from the gorge

It was then time to go through the museum.

Cave painting of a bison stabbed with a spear reproduction from Lascaux and Les Trois Freres France
Venus with the Horn from Laussel in Dordogne carved in bas relief 21,000 BP
On the way home we saw these hurdles reproductions after a fire in April 2013 of the stored hurdles used for pens for sheep for the sheep fair.

The night was ended with a beautiful meal with Jan, we then walked her home on our way to the White Spring to get our last supplies of water to take with us in the morning. Walking home we listened to Bryan Ferry who was giving a concert in the Abbey grounds then we watched a marvellous fire works display from our second floor unit to our time here in Glastonbury. I will be very sad to leave tomorrow and we both hope to return again one day.

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