Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kournas Lake

I thought Friday would be a quieter day on the road to go and visit the highly rated only fresh water lake on Crete.
I stopped at a lookout on from Heraklion and got a few more pics.

I guess flowers by the side of the road would not last very long here. Lee-Anne figured out this is their replacement here on Crete.

Another lookout further on.

Can't beat a lovely cloud hovering above a mountain.

Another GFC casualty.

What about this tough little flowers.

Luckily I had chosen Sturdy Walking Thongs as footwear again!

But wait - I did make it to the famed lake.

Allegedly you can walk around it. I got part way and decided that the reward was not going to be worth the effort.

We have sampled some grapes which looked very similar to these.
On the way home I snapped a few pics from the car.

I still am amazed at the amount of money that must have been spent on these largely unusable structures.

Cretan Open-Air Museum

On Thursday I visited the Cretan Open-Air Museum after a walk up the mountain. I got an early start - this is the early morning cloud from our apartment.

A cruise ship from the mountain.

The path down with the green in the top right area a golf course.

Don't know if this gives a perspective of the size of the mountain
Then some pics as I walked around the beach to the open air museum.

Now I am in the museum. This is a path through the compact orchid.

They tried to use natural / recycled materials. This natural ceiling really did provide good insulation

Inside the carpenters workshop

And a Carob Mill

Lee-Anne and I spotted something close to these lying on the ground in places. Might have been carob fruits fallen to the ground.

Our holiday in the UK first meant that I knew that this shepherds hut has a corbelled roof. Nothing like a bit of travel to gain some knowledge.

The corbelled roof  - made using flat stones carefully placed. I think it would take some trial and error if you had the requisite stones to start with!

And a cheese cellar. Great cheeses here in Crete.
But I won't try these.

We humans did know how to live with much earlier technology.

Lee-Anne will be sorry she did not see this carving in person.

Mandatory cafe on the way out.