Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mountain Walks

Kev here. As you'e gathered I am not as regular with the blogging as Lee-Anne. I've been taking it pretty easy with Lee-Anne gone off with her new and old friends. This place, Hersonissos,  has a pretty good mountain pretty close so I checked it out with Google Maps, grabbed the essentials (2 litres of Water, Emergency Locator Beacon, Sturdy Walking Thongs, Camera and trusty hat).

And just under two hours later here's the view.
I passed curious goats on the way.

Not sure if the sign near the gazebo has fallen or is waiting to be erected?

More views from the top

The place does remind us of our visit to Phuket years ago - some things are done not quite the way I see looking at the Telstra towers in Oz.

In some ways it did remind me of our visit to Newman years ago. Not as hot but we are here in Autumn - but hot enough!

These are pretty flowers. You can see them in the photo above too.

 Here you can see why I chose the Sturdy Walking Thongs. 
If you click on the photo below you can see more of the track going up the mountain.

Don't drive off the edge of some of the roads here!
These are pics I snapped of the unfinished buildings which seem to be waiting for better times. The Global Financial Crisis takes on a real physical face here. This is just on my 7.5km walk. We spotted them everywhere we visited on the island.

Bougainvillea do really well here. 

 Looking back at part of the mountain.

Can't rain much - we'd have to retain this.

More GFC casualties.

School was in on the Monday - got quiet after that with the teachers on strike.

More non retaining.

This was supposed to be the unfinished building, but I kind of like the grass foreground.

So far I've walked up the mountain 4 times. It does take about 4 hours so it chews up a bit of the day. Yesterday, Saturday, I even met two other couples walking it. They did look a little younger than me but nice to know I'm not the only one who likes to climb mountains just because they are there.

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