Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Yesterday we woke to watch the sunrise in London to get the plane to Athens and then another to Crete. Although the plane experience from Athens to Crete seemed very old fashioned by getting a bus out to the plane and walking up the staircase as was once done into a smallish plane with a central isle, to my surprise and great pleasure they were modern air buses in which the pressure system has been greatly improved over the Boeing range of aircraft and I had no pain in my ears from the lack of pressure.

London Sunrise

Flying to Athens

An Open Cut Mine

An Oil Refinery

Getting closer to Athens

The Greek Coastline



Leaving Athens for Crete

Setting Sun
Today we walked along the seaside of Hersonissos where we are staying on Crete, a combination of the less desirable aspects of Phuket like the unfinished work sites, footpaths and stray cats instead of dogs everywhere. The happening busyness of the Gold Coast with restsaurants door to door, tourist shops that don't close until very late, nightclubs etc and the romance of Hawaii the restaurants over the water or with the water lapping at your feet whilst you sit at your table etc. A really lively lovely place where we are having a marvelous time.

Hersonissos (Greek: Χερσόνησος, pronounced [xerˈsonisos] - Chersónisos), is a town and a municipality in the north of Crete, bordering the Mediterranean / Aegean Sea. This community is about 25 kilometers east of Heraklion and west of Agios Nikolaos. What is usually called Hersonissos is in fact its peninsula and harbour. It is part of the Heraklion regional unit. It is situated 25 km from the Heraklion airport and 27 km from the Heraklion port.

Hersonissos Seaside fom out the front of our Apartment

Looking back at our apartent on 1st floor middle unit overlooking the pool then onto the ocean.

Ekklisia Agia Paraskevi the church on the peninsula in the harbour

View of the beach from our lunch table

Beautiful church in the main street of Hersonissos


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