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Thanks for popping in and checking out my blog. My name is Lee-Anne Deegan and I am a 47 year old fun loving enthusiastic women who is constantly seeking more from life and continually on the outlook for knowledge and a deeper connection to wholeness.

My blog will contain many links to inspirational sites, quotes, pictures and much more that you may not have discovered on your own.

I will cover a broad range of things on the blog from inner child work, personal growth, gratitude honouring, ancient worship information, craft inspiration, ideas on self love and nurturing and basically anything that resonates with my soul.

Through the wonderful world of the web and viewing others information on blogs and websites I believe we have the sources to feed our soul with what rests easy with our hearts and disregard what does not sit so easily. I hope that all who view this blog are able to take in the information that nurtures them and move over any concepts that are not for their better good.

My life thus far has taken me on a journey of great discovery, from the beginnings of a very shy scared child through to a woman of confidence which does not get set back by much. There will always be challenges in our path that we must navigate to the best of our ability, however the more we grow and learn the easier this path is to traverse.

I have attended many years worth of self growth workshops, which has educated me into the various reasons we take the actions we do, both for our betterment and sometimes following the old patterns which do not serve us any longer, however are so familiar we find it difficult to let go.

My mother has always created beautiful articles using a wide variety of crafts before owning her own craft store for 12 years, therefore I have grown up exploring more crafts than I could remember now. There are always those which nurture my creative side more than others like stamping, scrapbooking, cross stitching, teddy bear making, felting, mixed media textures, beading and jewellery making just to name a few. Creating with my hands is when my heart soars and I become one with all that is, losing myself completely in the task at hand.

I have also lived in the corporate world in real estate, banking, finance and as a personal assistance to General Managers. My strengths have always shone in organising individual people right through to large national sales conferences etc. When placed in an organisation role I feel right at home and have a natural ability to see the greater picture and all that is required to gain the end result required.

A great love of the fantasy world of faeries, sprites, elementals and the experiences of dressing up for any occasion there is an excuse to do so allows my inner child to come out and play. This gives me a sense of freedom and excitement that I did not have as a child and now as an adult I get to both relive my childhood but also fully embrace and enhance this feeling to carry with me when the occasion has passed.

I have a great passion for mother earth and engage in using products that are non-harmful to both the individuals using the products as well as the our mother earth where all waste ends up.

Travelling this exceptional world of ours is one of my greatest loves, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively both within Australia and overseas and have learnt a great deal through other cultures and traditions. Links to a couple of travel blogs I have written can be found here on the blog if you care to have a browse.

The last endeavour I engaged in was to own my own on line craft retail store for 7 years in which I gained a rewarding relationship with both wholesalers and creative individuals sourcing goods to create their own treasures. This business had on line tutorials for different projects etc and I hope to be able to add some interesting craft resources to his blog to inspire those wishing to feel the thrill of creating their own unique craftworks.

I have experienced the world of the elderly and frail over the last 7 years that my mother has been in nursing home care due to acute Parkinson's disease, and now the added complication of bowel cancer, all the aspects from frustration to helplessness and all the phases in between have been challenges for me to overcome as well as learning experiences where I gain the distance to reflect and learn. An empathy to both those suffering and all the loving carers in such institutions has been a deep experience of which I have not always been comfortable with but one which I have had no choice other than to face and accept.

Whilst I will post many photographs, verses etc I will always do my upmost to acknowledge the source of the photo however as the web is so easily accessible and reproducible it can be very difficult to find the original source of such articles, photos etc so if I have inadvertently not given credit where it is due please contact me and I will immediately remove the item or correct the copyright to the original source.

So my hope is that this blog will open doors of possibility that you may not have stumbled across and therefore will feed your soul with new options and questions to ask about life.

Please connect with me through the blog and feel free to express your thoughts and ideas for future topics etc.

I look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship here in cyberspace. Please connect with me if this feels of interest to you I would love to get to know you better.



Rose's Notes said...

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed your photographs and post about the Killinaboy Abbey.

Evangelartist said...

What a beautiful and interestingly informative web site you have! I hope to soon email you to introduce myself (my name being "Kevin" also). At the moment however I am editing a novel I wrote and published via Create Space... titled "The Return of the Once and Future Kings". It is a contemporary Arthurian story... More about it later, and it will likely interest you since it partly involves the setting there in Glastonbury. I made the mistake of advertising it in a UK publication and then, when I thought I would make some improvements, found that the book contains a plethora of typographical errors! So I have to get this done sooner than later, and for now this is all I can write. Thank you for letting me contribute this comment! (I discovered your site when I took a break from my book and saw the Chapel from above when I took a look at an internet satellite view of Glastonbury, a location I have long desired to visit or even to which to move from the USA. I noted St. Margaret's Chapel, it being relevant to the one I visited in Edinburgh in 1987 when treated to the trip by relatives.... Gotta go back some day, and now need to get back to the editing!
Kevin in the USA

Lee-Anne said...

I wish you success with your book, thank you for looking at the blog.