Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Alet les Bains Day 7

Today we travelled to Notre Dame de Marceille with the retreat group, we were here during our stay in Limoux on our own. Unfortunately for the group it was cleaning day at the church so the peace and quiet we experienced with beautiful soft music playing was not there today.

As they were cleaning there were more lights on in the church and some of the paintings on the walls came out clearer in the photos.

This truly is one of the most beautiful churches with soft warm energy. The church is full of symbology from the Knights Templar, although the site was revered long before their presence. History speaks of a chapel being here since the 1,000’s.

In this small chapel to the side with the Mary Magdalene statue on the wall and the beautiful mosaic tiles on the floor, we see how unusual it is to find the Knights Templar cross with a five pointed star in the middle. This particular spot in the church come believe to be a portal.

In the afternoon we also went to Carcassonne with the group, so we went to a lovely restaurant and had a relaxed meal whilst the others toured the chateau etc. 

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