Saturday, 3 June 2017

Alet les Bains Day 3

Today we drove to the Rennes les Bain and stopped at the river with the dragonfly stone for morning tea. I wonder who carved this stone and how long ago?

We then drove on to where the Saiz and the Blanc rivers merge at the Fontain des Amours, a merge of the Divine Feminine and masculine. We chanted a lovely song about from love springs the well, and had a ceremony to what it is we wish to take from this place and time.

Here is the part of the river where I actually got into the really cold water and immersed myself fully in the water. I collected water from this part of the river and collected a rock to bring home in memory of the new person that emerged from the waters.

Here the rose petals from our gardens at the hotel have floated down the river to continue their journey.

Here was the remains of the buildings by the river where it is believed that Mary did her water blessings etc.

Even further down the river a rose petal from our ceremony.

We had lunch then drove on to another area in Rennes les Bain where the Isis seat is located. As we climbed the hill I had such a sense of Glastonbury walking up one of the paths to the Tor. When we arrived at the top there was a spring where the mixing of the red and white waters comes to the surface. The red water comes down the hill out of the ground with the iron oxide in it and the white water comes up through the ground from a natural spring. I collected some water to take home from here.

One the walk up to the Isis Seat we passed this cottage with the Cathar Cross carved into the shutters.

The Cathar cross is also carved at the back of the seat, which is estimated to be about 2,000 years old, however the chair itself is estimated to be 5,000 years old.

Where the water emerged mixed together.

We went to a local restaurant for dinner and walking from the car we passed this amazing bridge which looked so beautiful set in the lush green of its surrounds.

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