Thursday, 8 June 2017

Alet les Bains Day 8

Today we spent the morning at the retreat doing a meditation, then process work before we headed out to Mt Bugarach, driving via Lavaldieu (The Valley of God) where we had lunch by the Lake Galamus. This mountain is one of the key power places in the Venus landscape temple, with many mysteries and legends attached to it.

Our first glimpses of Mt Bugarach.

Lake Galamus.

After a picnic lunch  I set off up a path around the mountain with one of the other girls, and some of the views were just amazing.

We then walked back into the village of Bugarach and went into the Notre Dame Monts de la Haute Vallee, where the acoustics were just amazing, one lady played the crystal bowl whilst Jane sang, which I recorded just beautiful.

Other views of Mt Bugarach from the village.

Driving home we stopped at the village of Rennes Les Bains and had a walk through the village, and down to the river where the natural springs spill out, the waters are very warm well over 30 degrees.

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