Sunday, 11 June 2017

Alet les Bains Day 10

Today we drove to Montsegur, perched high on the mountain top, the great Cathar stronghold Montsegur lay under siege for many months during 1243. Over a hellish winter and famine, 200 Cathars eventually walked down, from the mountain stronghold to be burned at the stake rather than renounce their faith. The mountain and the fortress carry the imprint today of the immense courage and faith of the Cathars, with their strong dedication to ‘Our Lady of Light’. There are many stories and mysteries about the Grail Castle and the disappearance of a great treasure once housed there. Some say it was the secret Gospel of Jesus, “The Book of Love”. The Cathars truly lived and taught that all could know Beloved, that all are equal in their Divinity.

The Burning Fields at the bottom of the mountain.

Memorial to the Cathars

The views from this mountain top are just breathtaking.

Looking back at the cars and the picnic spot just to the right of the path.

The remains of the buildings around the outside of the stronghold.

Looking down over Montegur village

After lunch we went to the Montsegur village and stopped to see the Black Madonna in the church there. Unfortunately there are iron gates at the doorway so we were not able to walk in the church itself.

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