Sunday, 4 June 2017

Alet les Bains Day 4

Today we had a much quieter day after the climbing of mountains over the last couple of days. We headed off to explore an area with the Trembling Rock ‘La Roche Tremblant’ a sacred site known to the Knights Templar.

Here we were standing in the woods where there are three different rock formations that offer different experiences to those who sit in this area, the first is the entrance stones where there is a natural passage to walk between the stones and one can ask and perhaps receive the answer to questions you may have or to have what you would like to release become clear.

One this rock again we find the Templar Cross engraved on the rock.

The second rock is the sarcophagus where you can lie or sit within the stones and release the old or what is no longer needed.

The third rock formation is the teaching rock where there is natural indentation where you can sit and perhaps be given a message or direction of what to do as the new you, after releasing all that no longer serves you.

We had a picnic lunch and then headed to a local home with a yoga type studio where we received a beautiful sound healing from Jane using the crystal bowl and drum. This was a wonderful gentle drifting of consciousness after the morning in the forest.

Here are photos of the view from the house and the garden, just so rich and green.

We picked cherries from the tree to take with us for this evening.

This is a passion flower.

A beautiful plump yellow garden snail.

Driving back to our hotel we pasted these ancient stone dwellings.

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