Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cretan Open-Air Museum

On Thursday I visited the Cretan Open-Air Museum after a walk up the mountain. I got an early start - this is the early morning cloud from our apartment.

A cruise ship from the mountain.

The path down with the green in the top right area a golf course.

Don't know if this gives a perspective of the size of the mountain
Then some pics as I walked around the beach to the open air museum.

Now I am in the museum. This is a path through the compact orchid.

They tried to use natural / recycled materials. This natural ceiling really did provide good insulation

Inside the carpenters workshop

And a Carob Mill

Lee-Anne and I spotted something close to these lying on the ground in places. Might have been carob fruits fallen to the ground.

Our holiday in the UK first meant that I knew that this shepherds hut has a corbelled roof. Nothing like a bit of travel to gain some knowledge.

The corbelled roof  - made using flat stones carefully placed. I think it would take some trial and error if you had the requisite stones to start with!

And a cheese cellar. Great cheeses here in Crete.
But I won't try these.

We humans did know how to live with much earlier technology.

Lee-Anne will be sorry she did not see this carving in person.

Mandatory cafe on the way out.

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