Monday, 5 August 2013

Conference Closing

Sadly today is the last of the conference, we gathered at the town hall for our walk through the landscape of Glastonbury and then our closing ceremony. So many wonderful experiences have been had and so many world wide friendships have been formed.

I was honoured to be asked to carry one of Lydia's beautiful banners in the parade

Walking up the path to Chalice Hill

We stopped to honour the wonderful trees of the landscape and this one particularly with it's exposed roots 

Again on Chalice Hill 
We gathered in the grove of trees and sang 

View from the grove over Glastonbury

We the had a feast of fruit in celebration

Making our way back down the hill and then on towards the town

We then broke for lunch and we gathered again in the Town Hall for our Give Away Ceremony and our Thanksgiving Circle to thank the many many people seen and unseen who work so hard to put this conference together.

Flowers presented to Kathy by her daughter and husband in thanks for her work and vision

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