Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gratitude Day 7 Water

Today I am grateful for water. On such a hot day expected at 34 degrees I thought about the joys of water.

Water is a fundamental part of our lives, it is easy to forget how completely we depend on it. It is second only to oxygen as essential to life. The water you drink literally becomes you.

Our bodies themselves are made up of 70% water it instinctively knows how and strives to sustain youthful longevity, and in it's every effort water is the key. Our blood is more than 80%, our brain over 75%, liver 96% water. So we have a bond with water even if we have never given it a thought. Water contains vital elements which keep our bodies healthy.

Water contains negative ions, which are released into the air when water tumbles or cascades from a waterfall and from the waves at the ocean, in complete and natural balance. Water evaporates when it cascades over itself and mixes with air. These affect mood and the ability to concentrate  clean the air and promote a sense of tranquillity. Think about how you felt last time you walked by the beach, under a waterfall or after a spring thunderstorm.

In July I played in different waterfalls for the whole day in Kakadu  you are instantly filled with  joy

Beyond the tap there are many sources of water. You don't need to drink water all day to satisfy your fluid needs. Food provides 20% of the total water needs for a day the remaining 80% comes from beverages of all kinds. Fruit and vegetables contain lots of water with oranges 87% are water, cucumbers 95%, as well as being good sources of vitamins and fibre.

When we breath we dispel 2 - 4 cups of water per day through normal breathing, if our feet sweat another cup of water is dispelled as well as 2 more cups if our body perspires without the incentive of exercise. With a normal trips to the toilet we rid another 6 cups on average. As you can see that it is very possible to lose 10 - 15 cups per day without even trying and then think of the lose when exerting ourselves through exercise, gardening, walking etc. So it is very important to ensure that we replace this fluid throughout the day. Ever life giving and healing process that happens inside our body happens with water. Dehydration makes us feel thirsty  but also can create feelings of anger, depression and confusion, over long periods it can impair brain function.

Humidity is important for maintaining proper health, it keeps skin, hair and nails looking good and assets with proper breathing. Dry air causes dry skin and makes the lungs work harder. Water helps regulate our body temperature through perspiration, which dissipates excess heat and cools our bodies.

So we need to use water to our advantage and create more vibrancy and life force in our bodies - here are some suggestions of things you may like to try.

Cool water rinses to our hair constricts the cuticle layer of our hair so it lies flatter, making strands smoother and more reflective.

Washing our hands with soap and warm water is the best way to fight off germs, making sure we dry our hands completely as germs can increase on damp hands.

Water when combined with natural ingredients becomes a super cleaning agent. Water and baking soda makes a paste for a tough tub scrub. Mixed with vinegar in a spray bottle it will disinfect kids toys, cutting boards and kitchen counters. Water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice in a spray bottle will clean windows and mirrors removing fingerprints and spots.

Eye puffiness can be reduced with a cold compress as water evaporates from the skin, the surface becomes cooler, so the inflammation is temporarily diminished.

Eating colourful raw fruits and vegetables which are rich in cell protecting antioxidants and health enhancing fibre to provide our cells structured water. This structured water stays in our system long enough to nourish and hydrate cells. Cucumbers, papayas and watermelons are more than 90% water. (As those of you who know me well - this is the way I enrich my body with water as I do not drink water, even though I would like to, due to a psychological problem (I am not aware of its cause) either through eating or juicing produce - as I have to make extra effort to hydrate my body, it has sustained me well).

My daily breakfast routine of freshly squeezed juices

Water is more than 12 times more resistant than air, so it take more effort to move our bodies around in water which means exercising in a pool can be extra effective and kind on our joints. An easy one to try is stand in water up to your neck and more your arms and legs as if your cross country skiing for a minute. (There is a pool close by my house 20 minutes away with water breast height and I use to walk laps of the pool with a girlfriend which was tremendous exercise, a great way to catch up on all the gossip of what was happening in our lives, now the weather is warmer we must get back to this).

For centuries people of eastern Europe have gone to bathhouses for water therapy to detoxify and tighten their skin. A steam room season to open the pores followed by a cool pool plunge or roll in the snow to shock the skin. This can be replicated at home with a wash cloth in steaming hot water placed over your face for a minute followed by splashing with cold water 15 or so times. (I find this is also very helpful to wake yourself up if you are feeling drowsy - or if like me you do not start your day with that cup of caffeine).

Zen Buddhist monks have incorporated water features in their gardens for hundreds of years, with the running water providing soothing sounds which reduces stress. You can do this a home with a tabletop fountain or play CD soundtracks of this type of music. The sound of running water triggers an immediate soothing response which reduces stress.

Having a hot bath prior to bed can induce a more restful and deeper sleep. Whilst soaking you melt away the stresses of the day, add some bath oils which will attract water to your skin and make it smooth and silky.

Something I honour myself with daily is being present and feeling my body being caressed by water at the end of the shower as I run my hands over my hair to remove the excess water I allow myself to be present and feel the water as it runs over your body. This has become a daily ritual of self love that never seems to fail in giving me a deep sense of connection both myself and love.

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