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Gratitude Day 16 Dreams

Today I am grateful for dreams. A friend of mine had a dream last night that she shared for input into what it's meaning may have been and it became very clear to me just how important our dreams are.

The dreams we have is our unconscious communicating with us, if we really delve into their meaning we can discover a lot about ourselves as well as receiving guidance for the next steps we should take in our journey.

I have another friend who truly lives by his dreams, he asks for the dream to appear during the evening so he is open to it's existence to start with, then he will really sit with the dream, he has done extensive work in this area and understands the meanings of what he sees. He then will take the actions in his life that his dream is telling him to take, whether they be small things or really huge things like moving house, job etc. It has served him very well, and this is how I became so interested in our dreams.

For me I am still at the place where I welcome the dreams and do try to implement them into my life, however I still am learning how to remember them. I have a book beside the bed to write anything down during the night that may come to me so that I do not forget in the morning. Most nights though I am sure I dream as we all do but unfortunately there is no recollection of them in the morning. Over the age of ten we have four to six dreams per night. They can last from five minutes to half an hour.

Those that I do remember tend to be very vivid, and I feel that the more vivid or strong a dream is the greater the message is for you.

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The following is some information by Christina Sponias based on the work of Carl Jung.

Carl Jung could discover the mysterious meaning of dreams and the wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces them. He noticed that many people had dreams with similar themes and images, which indicated that they were making the trip to the wise unconscious mind. This trip is a process of psychical transformation. The dreamer's personality is transformed while he or she acquires comprehension of the unconscious wisdom thanks to the translation of the dream messages.

By interpreting the meaning of personal dreams, the human being starts discovering that there is an unknown region in his or her psyche. This individual starts looking for the meaning of life, trying to find answers to all questions. It will relieve your pain and eliminates your doubts.

All dream images and scenes have a symbolic meaning based on the dream language. This means that your dreams are not disorganised or absurd. They contain logical messages. However, the dream logic is not the same logic of your conscious mind, which is ignorant. The dream logic is based on the unconscious wisdom and sanctity.

You have to learn the meaning given by the unconscious mind to the dream symbols if you want to understand its words. This means that you have the opportunity to ask the unconscious mind questions which will be answered in your dreams, through the messages you will receive.

The wise unconscious mind repeats the same explanations in different ways so that you may completely understand its messages. It answers the same question many times, showing you the same problem and all its possible solutions through many different angles. You don't receive immediate solutions, but clues that help you find the truth by yourself. It waits until you are ready to understand before it begins to direct or show you what you need to know. The unconscious mind will help you become more intelligent, and find real happiness, without being threatened by hidden dangers.

Whenever you'll have a dream warning, you'll know that you have to be careful or change your plans, and when you see a positive dream symbol you'll know that you are on the right path and soon you'll find what you are looking for.

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People & Places you know

When you see other people in your dreams, especially if you know them, you tend to believe that the dream is talking about them. However, the truth is that they represent parts of your own personality.

Everyone and everything that appears in your dreams have symbolic meanings. The people who appear in your dreams represent parts of your own personality that have characteristics similar to the characteristics of the personality of the people you are seeing.

For example, if you see in a dream a friend who is very shy, he or she represents your own shyness. The meaning that each person has in a dream depends on the way that the dreamer judges this person.

However, when you have dreams about the person you love, he or she doesn't represent a part of your personality like all the other people. The unconscious mind gives you objective information about the special person, without using him or her as an example.

This is why the unconscious mind gives you many detailed instructions about how you should behave with the person you love. When you keep a dream journal and you regularly translate your dreams, you have the clearest vision you could ever have about the development of your relationship with the special person.

Dreams that analyse your past 

These dreams work like psychotherapy, relieving you from traumas, fears, wrong impressions, and conclusions. They correct your behaviour and attitude.

When you see dreams in which you are living in your past house, wearing old clothes, or being much younger, this means that you are repeating the (usually wrong) behaviour you had in the past.

If you are living in a past situation in your dream, this means that you are still attached to your personality as it used to be when you were living the past situation you see yourself in.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams indicate danger because they are reminding the dreamers that they have postponed an obligation, or that they have to stop making a certain mistake.

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The following are common dream information from Ian Wallace and others: 

Being Chased

You find yourself being pursued by something or someone you feel is going to harm you. No matter how fast you run, or where you hide, you can’t escape them. Whatever is chasing you is an aspect of yourself, which is why you cannot escape it. It represents a part of you or a situation you are scared to confront. Identify what is causing tension in your waking life. It might seem easier to avoid it but, you need to be assertive and resolve it. Then, rather than being pursued, you become the one to chase your chosen opportunity.

Teeth Fall Out

You notice that some of your teeth are becoming loose and starting to fall out. Or your teeth crumble into powder. You might also be looking in the mirror and realise your teeth are decayed or that you have grown vampire fangs. You show your teeth when you smile and when you bite, so they reflect how self-assured and assertive you feel. Teeth falling out indicate that a situation is causing you to lose confidence. Crumbling teeth means your confidence is waning because you are not taking care of your self-esteem. Vampire teeth indicate you are relying on other people to provide your self-assurance. You should be more confident in whatever situation is challenging you. Rather than seeing the unknown as a threat, relish it as a challenge.

Can't Find a Toilet

You are desperate for the toilet. The only ones you can find are in strange places or in public view. You might find yourself in a queue and when you finally get there, the toilet is unusable. You have a need you are unable to express. Queuing means you are putting the needs of others before your own. You hope your needs will be met if you look after other people’s wants. But the best way to resolve this situation is to put yourself first. This may seem selfish, but it is much easier to look after other people’s needs when you attend your own.

Naked in Public
You are surprised to find yourself naked in a public place and are making frantic attempts to shield your body. Everyone else is fully dressed but they don’t seem to notice your condition. You feel vulnerable and exposed, perhaps in a new job or relationship. No one sees your nakedness because you seem secure and confident to them. The dream usually indicates a positive and healthy progression in our lives, as we are being invited to step into unfamiliar territory and display our talents. If you are wary of opening up to people, you may appear cold. It might be nerve-racking, but express your true self without thinking about how people are judging you.

Unprepared for an Exam/Being Unprepared to Perform

You are sitting an important exam but are shocked to realise you have done no studying. It’s too late to do anything and you are disappointed. Your lack of preparation shows you usually prepare meticulously for every task. You set yourself high standards and feel a constant anxiety that you will end up with a poor result. But it’s not others that are judging — it’s you. When you judge yourself too harshly, you will feel like a failure, no matter how successful you are. The best way to move on from this dream is to consider what makes you happiest and most fulfilled in life — this is often something joyous and spontaneous, which does not require endless preparation. Now do it.

Your Flying

Superwoman flying
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First you have the sensation of floating, then you soar into the sky and fly through the air. You have a tremendous feeling of exhilaration. You have been released from circumstances that were weighing you down. You are free of constraints, making you feel ‘as free as a bird’. Although you may regard this feeling of liberation as luck, you created the opportunity yourself. Consider other chances in your life where you could go off into the realms of new possibilities.

Your Falling

Everything seems normal, but then you suddenly feel your legs give way as you stumble and fall. Sometimes the fall is minor, other times you tumble downstairs or plummet off a cliff into a chasm. This signifies a fear of losing control. Falling suggests you need to let go of responsibilities that are dragging you down. This dream is often triggered by stress and so is encouraging you to take a more relaxed approach in certain areas of your life. Muscle tension can make you feel like you spend most of your day braced for impact. Try relaxing your muscles before going to bed.

Out of Control Vehicle
You are in a vehicle that is spinning out of control. You desperately try to slow down because you are scared of crashing. You’re thinking about the path you are taking in life, usually in your career. While you may have a plan, circumstances are getting out of control. An imminent crash shows you are going to be in contact or conflict with something unavoidable. Rather than abandoning your present position, consider the areas where you do have control. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help; they can help you get back into the driver’s seat. Accept there are some situations over which you have no control.

Discover an Unused Room

You are walking through your house when you notice a door you haven’t seen before. You open it to find a room you had completely forgotten about. Homes in dreams symbolise ourselves and different rooms are aspects of our character. The unnoticed door indicates you have a chance to step into an exciting new possibility. The size of the room reflects the size of the chance. You might think you know your achievements and limitations, but you have talents you have yet to discover. Be open to even the most unexpected opportunities.

You Are Late

You are on your way to an appointment and realise you are late. On the way you get caught up in obstacles and distractions. You keep looking at the clock and are alarmed at time passing. You feel as if you’ll never get where you need to be. You are worried you are missing an opportunity and that time is running out to carry out a plan, such as starting a family or achieving a career goal. The obstacles and distractions show you are procrastinating, that you have been filling your life with lots of other activities, but they are not getting you anywhere. Commit to meaningful action rather than involving yourself in meaningless action. Once a decision has been made, your direction will become clear and your time becomes your own, rather than being subject to the whims of what is happening around you.

Being Pregnant/Giving Birth

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This is a very common dream, especially (but not exclusively) among women. On a basic, human-instinct level, these dreams stimulate a woman’s instinct to reproduce. Pregnancy dreams are about creativity; the dreamer has an unacknowledged desire to come up with a new idea, create a piece of art, or embark on a new creative project. Men who dream of being pregnant may be craving the power that women are able to wield by becoming a mother.


A dream about dying could be a subconscious contemplation of your mortality, or the death could symbolize an end, change or absence. Dying in a dream could symbolize that you are looking for a new start or are going through a spiritual transformation, whereas dreaming about the death of a loved one could mean that this person is no longer part of your life, or that you lack a certain quality that this person embodies. Looking at death dreams as a straightforward representation of death itself, these dreams stimulate our survival instinct, and dreams about the death of a love one encourage us to protect and cherish the ones we love.

Being Lost

Being lost in a labyrinthine building or unfamiliar city is a very stressful and very common type of dream. In many cases, the dreamer may be worried about “getting lost” in her own life circumstances. These types of dreams may occur when you feel anxious or insecure about “finding your way” in a new life situation, such as when starting a new job or moving to a new city. You may be especially prone to dreaming about being lost if you are embarking on a new challenge that you feel unprepared for, or are struggling to get accustomed to a situation where the rules are constantly changing. Dreaming that another person is lost could mean that you have unresolved feelings about this person.


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Dreaming about water reflects change, renewal and purification, sometimes symbolizing a change in consciousness accompanying some life transformation. Context is important, however. If you dream about offering water to others, this could represent that you are offering new life or positive change to others, whereas if you dream about being caught in a typhoon, you could be feeling overwhelmed by a life change.

Being Back at School

No matter how many years we have been out of school, we just can’t seem to escape it in our dream-life. More than anything, this reflects the profound effect that years of schooling has on us. Often, these dreams are accompanied by anxiety-provoking situations, such as being lost, naked, or unprepared for an exam. As discussed in the entries on those specific dream topics, such dreams could indicate you are feeling vulnerable, exposed or insecure in your current life circumstances. In general, however, dreaming about school is all about your job the scrutiny and pressures we are subjected to at work directly parallel those of school. I guess it’s true that high school never ends.

Being Cheated On

Dreams are a place where we can express our insecurities, including sexual jealousy. It should be fairly obvious that dreaming that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you does not necessarily mean that they are two-timing you in real life, but rather, it indicates that you may have some worries about this happening. Fortunately, this is completely normal. It simply reflects our instinctive determination to fend off romantic rivals to keep our mate. You may have such dreams when you feel “cheated” out of quality time with your sweetheart, and you should let the dream be a wake-up call to alert you that you need to spend more time together.

Being attacked by snakes is the most common type of “being attacked by an animal” dream. Snakes are a real threat to many people worldwide, and this dream rehearses our instinct to avoid and/or survive this threat. Symbolically, snakes could represent a hidden threat, the proverbial “snake in the grass.” A snake shedding its skin could symbolize transformation or renewal, in which case a snake dream could be seen as a positive omen.

Being Late

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Usually, these dreams occur in the context of being tardy to or missing an important event, such catching a plane, attending an important work meeting, or getting to class on the first day of school. This kind of dream could show that you are anxious about work, school, an upcoming trip, etc. It may also indicate an inability to make a connection, regret about a missed opportunity, or a need to get your life in order. If you have this dream ask yourself what are you missing in life and whom you might have disappointed.

Hot and Steamy Dreams

Having a sexy dream about someone you love or are attracted to in real life is a rather clear-cut carry over of your waking feelings into Dreamland: you have emotions and/or sexual urges that you long to express. Our society is pretty inhibited when it comes to expressions of sexuality outside of certain approved circumstances, but that does not change the fact that we are hard wired to procreate. Dreams give us a forum to express these desires. If you’re in a relationship, having a hot and spicy dream about someone other than your partner may indicate that your waking sex life is not totally fulfilling your needs and that you need to reinvigorate your relationship. That said, sensual dreams are not always about unexpressed sexual desires: dreaming about sex with a platonic friend or even with a stranger could simply indicate a desire for closeness or intimacy without hang-ups or baggage.

Being Shot

This is one of the commonly reported dreams about threats from other people. This type of dream may occur as a result of your instinctual concern about avoiding and surviving an actual shooting. You may have this dream in response to seeing coverage of shootings on the news or because of violent threats in your own life. Taking a more metaphorical approach, dreams of being shot can symbolise any sort of confrontation or victimization in your waking life, including self-punishment.


It might seem strange that we talk about, and even dream about, celebrities almost as much as we do our own group of friends and family, but evolutionary psychology has a solid theory to explain it: If we see or hear about a person a lot, even if it’s on TV or in magazines, our brains cannot distinguish between whether we actually “know” the person, or if we just think we do. Thus, we can feel like a celebrity or public figure is a member of our “tribe” even though we have never met them. So, having a dream about hanging out with Jack Nicholson is not necessarily more significant than dreaming about hanging out with a college friend you admire. However, if you have a dream where you feel a rush of pride or elation because a celebrity is showing you attention, this could mean you long to attain a higher social status, possibly due to low self-esteem.

Being Paralysed

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You try to move, but your legs are paralysed or physically trapped. Or maybe you try to speak, but can’t make the words come out. Whatever the exact context of the dream, you are unable to use your usual tools to flee a threat, go somewhere, or express yourself. Paralysis dreams can indicate that you feel unable to progress in a certain situation because something is holding you back, possibly even self-sabotage. As a result, you may be exerting a lot of effort but still “going nowhere.” Try to figure out what obstacle you feel is hindering you in real life.

Being Frustrated

A general feeling of frustration is perhaps the most common theme in dreams. Maybe you lost your car keys and can’t find them, or you can’t figure out the answer to an important question, or you can’t cry out for help when you need it. Or maybe the context is so nonsensical that can’t even figure out why you found it so frustrating once you wake up. This theme runs through most “bad” dreams, including many of the dreams discussed above. These dreams motivate us to be persistent and overcome challenges in real life.

Dream Catchers
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A famous tradition from the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe was the creation of "dream catchers," which were made by sinew strands that they would tie in a web around a small round frame. The dream catchers would protect the tribe's children from nightmares when they were sleeping. According to their legend, all bad dreams would get caught in the webs they had prepared.

Make your own trip to the self starting today. You only have to pay attention to the meaning of your dreams, and keep a dream journal.

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