Saturday, 3 November 2012

Gratitude Day 4 Sacred CIrcles

Today I am grateful for sacred circles. Last night I attended a sacred circle gathering that happens once a month with another 9 wonderful woman at the Goddess Grove in Newcastle We have been meeting for over a year now even though we have know each other outside this circle for much longer.

In April I went on our Gypsy Woman's Retreat and sat in sacred circle around the fire.

There are many kinds of sacred circles, the earth, woman's gatherings, mandalas, bubbles, sacred geometry, sun, moon, labyrinths, crop circles, standing stone just to name a few. The circle has always been a powerful symbol through ancient times we see it in cave paintings from the past along with pictures of power animals and beings from non ordinary reality. All these spherical forms have no beginning and no end. Circles are symbols of eternity of life and they are as old as life. They represent oneness and wholeness, balance and focus. The circle is multi-dimensional and yet it has only two dimensions, the inside and the outside. The inside contains energy and the outside radiates energy. Sacredness is found in all these things in many different ways.

In July we viewed indigenous art in Kakadu

Throughout centuries our female ancestors have gathered in red tents and woman's circles, in moon lodges, in church basements and under the stars. People lived as community in round houses sharing food, water and work, living in harmonious circles. We can learn a lot from this way of life and come together to share sacred space connecting to the wisdom of the ancient ones. They knew that to live their fullest most vibrant selves, they needed to come together as sisters each month to rest, renew and re-inspire.

Woman's sacred circles explore relationship to the sacred and honour the divine in everyday life. The importance of the circle is to provide a safety net where essential female values can be discussed and embraced without judgement. Listening without an agenda while story telling our thoughts, expressing freely without interruption allowing the feeling of power and support many woman do not receive outside this circle. This is why female community is thriving in so many countries in so many different forms.

Red Tent gatherings are becoming very popular around the world. A place where traditionally woman of tribes and villages came together each month to share wisdom, sing and celebrate their womanhood during their moon (menstrual) bleeding time. While we are not able to have the luxury to gather together for a few days each month in modern times, the red tent is a place to return to self, share, mediate, and nurture our inner wisdom. These circles create loving, supportive spaces for woman to share and grow. Over time these woman bond together becoming equals and sisters of choice, which in turn create deeper meaning and power within the circle and one self.

Last moth I sat in Red Tent and crafted while a mother rested with her baby and another slept.

A beautiful quote from Starhawk
"Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. a circle of friends some place where we can be free."

This sums up so nicely what is possible in sacred circle when all the participants gather in love and harmony without judgement. Sacred means to me S for support A for acceptance C for confidence R for responsibility E for empowerment and D for discipline. We experience glimpses of the sacred throughout our lives but when we can actually achieve each of these qualities this is when it is truly sacred. I believe you are able to come to this place faster and easier when achieved within a group, you receive both the encouragement and support you would not receive on your own. When we draw upon the energy of the circle within the collective dignity, love and respect of all people, exists the wisdom and resources for a beautiful harmonious tomorrow. We understand more fully that self fulfilment and helping others are complementary and generative ingredients of health and happiness. Continuing to put it into creative action, deepening and widening the spheres in which we commit to this sacred task.

As I am an only child, watching my mother's deterioration of health brings us feelings of aloneness and the many friends I have through many sacred circles that I sit in, all comfort and support me during this time. They are my family of choice we never need to be alone if we create circles of friendships, the deeper the relationships in the circles the more fulfilling and supportive they are. I would encourage everyone to step out and become a part of some kind of circle whether it be craft, dancing, painting, meditating, life coaching, personal growth, gardening, singing the list goes on. Even when we have a large family it is always nurturing to the soul to have family of choice we connect with them on levels that we may not have with out blood family.

I honour sincerely all the family of choice that surround me in all the different aspects of my life.

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