Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Gratitude Day 21 Embedding New Habits

Today is the 21st day of my 21 Day Gratitude Challenge and I have so enjoyed completing the challenge but also writing a blog. I am amazed at how much clearer your thinking is when you put it down in words that you know others will read. Also at the depth at which you learn when you are the teller of tales/guide rather than the student/listener. The benefits of completing this challenge have been far greater than I had anticipated when starting out with the blog as a new concept. So I am deeply grateful for this and proud of myself for taking the steps necessary to stretch my boundaries of what I am comfortable doing.

Photo Source Path to Truth
They say it takes 3 weeks to change a habit or form one, and I have been again surprised at how true this is, at first I had to try and remember to do the blog however now it is almost as natural as thinking of what I will have for lunch. It is just a part of my daily routine.

There are numerous ways to create a habit or change one but one of the first steps would be commitment, you need to be genuinely commitment to the task and authentic in your intention. You have to want to do this for yourself not to please somebody else. Focusing on what you want is also pivotal to your success so think, speak and act as though it has already taken place, a rule of manifesting. 

For me making the challenge into a blog gave me the added incentive that I would be accountable for my daily commitment to any readers that were following the blog. If we fall short of our intended commitment being king and gentle on ourselves as we would be to others is the next step. Instead of beating ourselves up for not doing something we could focus this energy into completing the commitment the next day with a new fresh vigour. Just keep stepping forward and over time your commitment to your new habit will have paid off and you will be doing it without thinking.

Photo Source Path to Truth

I am going to keep writing this blog because I have enjoyed it so much and also as I said earlier as I am learning so much about myself. It will be on varying topics and may not be a daily post however I will be adding to the blog regularly. As my commitment to myself to keep learning and growing on my journey though this life.

Please keep reading the blog and make sure you add a comment to let me know that you are there and we can journey together along this path of life.

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