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Gratitude Day 17 Gratitude Talisman

Yesterday the information of gratitude talisman's came across my computer screen. I thought I would share this very simple but wonderfully powerful idea with you. I am going to make a gratitude talisman on Sunday. I am just honouring my gratitude today in advance of making my necklace, once you have the thought, you then act on those ideas as if you have it, can feel it in your hands, can feel how your heart sings when you embrace it etc this is all part of manifestation. With these thoughts the energy that goes into my necklace will be powerful and as I place each bead on this sacred strand I will be infusing the energy so it is held with the necklace forever.

These necklaces can be anything from a piece of leather with one to three beads or a whole necklace of beads it is not significant what is important is the meaning of each bead to you and how it resonates with you. You can use beads of objects like dragonflies who remind me of transformation or you can use gemstones and pick those with the qualities you wish to bring into your life of gratitude such as rose quartz for love etc.

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These gratitude talismans can support you when you're feeling unappreciated at work, you're stuck in traffic, waiting for an appointment that is running late, when you're frazzled thinking of what to cook for dinner, or simply when it's hard to remember the good aspects of your life.

This simple trick is much like the notion of tying a string around your finger. Take the piece of jewellery that you have made and wear it as your talisman of thankfulness. Because of the positive energy you infused into it when making it you can sit quietly, holding your necklace or bracelet, and focus on all the things you are grateful for, after a couple of minutes your frustrations will be eased. Once you are in a calmer state of mind you will be more able to cope with what is happening around you and make the necessary decisions or moves needed to continue on without the feelings of frustration. Wear it regularly, and then when things aren't going so well, each time you feel it against your skin, you'll be reminded of the gratitude energy you put into it. If you don't wear jewellery, instead you can use a stone to carry in your pocket.

Playing around with gratitude is a great way to grin about all that's right in the world but it's even better as a technique for finding the silver lining in our frustrations. It's pretty easy to see the good things in our lives once we pay attention. The tricky part is staying in full gratitude mode when the not-so-good things pop up.

So when ever something annoys you just hold your gratitude talisman and think of turning the annoying situation into a positive for you eg I am so grateful for those who make me feel unappreciated at work as I learn so much about myself, I am grateful for being stuck in this traffic jam as I am safe and not involved in an accident as may be the course of the delay, I am so grateful for the doctor running so late it has given me time to relax and be quite that I would not have taken otherwise etc. The more you turn these situations around and see the things to be grateful for the more you will learn about yourself and your personal triggers and your attitudes to everything over time will change. The more mindful we are the more your reactions will lessen to those triggers.

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It is human nature to attach. We carry a baby blanket, hold on to keepsakes, believe rings symbolize love and/or commitment. When you think about us humans, it's rather beautiful that we do this. The other thing symbols do is give us grounding and reminding. Sticking your hand in your pocket and finding that stone or necklace around our neck will remind you of your relationship to gratitude. Every time you feel or see these objects, remind yourself, 'I am grateful for what I have and for what will soon be mine.'

Amulets or talismans can be anything-gems, coins, stones, shells, rings, symbols, statues and even drawings or words.

The following article about the law of attraction and talisman I thought was interesting from

Both talismans and amulets can be defined as objects which were viewed as being endowed with a magical quality of some kind. In general terms, talismans were carried or worn on the person in an effort to attract a certain quality of condition (for example, good luck or greater financial success) whilst amulets were mostly carried or worn to provide protection against negative forces such as bad luck.

In previous centuries, where the belief in ritual and personal deities was much more common than it is today, talismans and amulets often featured ritual symbols and/or depictions of a deity (or several deities) associated with the intended use of the object. As such beliefs dwindled, so did the use of talismans and amulets, and where their use continued, the design of talismans and amulets changed to better suit the new understanding of how the universe worked.

There is much anecdotal evidence that talismans and amulets were effective in helping those who used them to live better lives. Talismans of health often gave their users a much-needed energy boost, and talismans of luck and wealth really did seem to make their owners luckier and wealthier. In ages past, it was thought that this was due to the external forces depicted on the talismans and amulets favouring the owner, but when we look at the subject with our modern understanding of the Law of Attraction and how the universe works, it is easy to see that talismans and amulets worked in a much more practical way.

In brief, people believed in the power of talismans and amulets. The power of belief is the force which changes our lives from the inside out. If we believe that we are getting stronger, wealthier, luckier or more attractive then those are the qualities that we will attract into our lives. Whether we believe in our own intrinsic power as spiritual beings or we put our faith in a symbolic object, it is the belief itself which brings about change.

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This does not mean that those of us with a modern understanding of the Law of Attraction cannot gain benefit from using talismans and amulets. There is definitely value in carrying a physical symbol of a desired condition or quality on our person at all times, as every time we see that symbol – directly or peripherally – the subconscious mind will automatically begin to dwell on the associated condition, and that in turn will help to speed the manifestation of that condition or quality in our lives.

The good news is that virtually any small object can be used as a talisman or amulet – the important thing is to associate your chosen object with the end result that you want to achieve. For example, you could obtain a key fob and view it as a talisman which will help you to grow healthier and stronger, or you could obtain an unusual coin and view it as something that will help you attract greater wealth into your life. If you are so inclined you could even make a talismanic object of your own by inscribing a personal symbol onto a metal disc (blank medals or dog tags are useful for this).

Whatever object you choose as your personal talisman or amulet, be sure to keep it on your person at all times – on a chain around your neck, or in your purse, wallet or pocket. That will ensure that you encounter the symbol several times a day and keep your subconscious mind working with the Law of Attraction to manifest your goal.

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