Saturday, 1 August 2015

DAY 9 Glastonbury

Today I started my day in Morning Prayer circle in the Goddess temple which is decorated for Lammas then had coffee with Maree.

In the Town Hall the day was started by the first spiral trainee priestesses in ceremony.  We then watched a short film by the Irish Film Board on An Cailleach Bhearra followed by a talk from Jill Smith on her year with the Cailleach, listening to her presentation and seeing the slides for the talk I felt so privileged to have been to most of the sites in the UK with Kevin two years ago. So few people get the opportunity to visit these sites even if they live in the UK and to think that I have actually been and touched these places living in Australia is extraordinary.

The next speaker Kirsten Brunsgaard spoke of her journey of crystal mountains in Scandinavia, then the program followed with a talk from an amazing man Dov Ahava who has dedicated his life to the mother in a Shamanic Mayan and Native American style, it was inspiring to hear a man talk with such depth and understanding of the vision of the Mother World.

After a break with meet in our orb groups to meet new people and see how everybody was experiencing the conference so far.

After lunch we had workshops to choose from and I attended Kirsten Brunsgaard talk on “A pile of White Bones is our Treasure”, I thought it would be on the ancient ancestors etc. however it was a learning about our own body skeleton and our stance and posture. If done correctly we use no muscles to stand only rest one bone on another. This allows us to have more energy for speaking and doing other tasks very interesting and something I will be very conscious of next time I have to present in public.

We then came back to the unit to have some dinner before going to the evening programme of Christine Watkins a story teller sharing a tale At the Portal Club. This was followed by Iris Lican – the Witches Dance, when healer artist and witch dance as one.  The evening closed with Heloise Pilkington singing songs of the mother tongue.

The conference this year is focused on air so all the events have an ethereal floating theme and it is hard to stay grounded, and I often feel quite tired or spacey.

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