Monday, 3 August 2015

Day 11 Glastonbury

Today at the conference it commenced with the dedicated priestesses of Avalon sharing the opening prayer in the town hall. This was followed by a presentation from Katinka Soetens on The Path of the Priestess who gave a visual presentations of the ancient temples of old. I found this very inspiring as this is the king of presentation that I could give with the work that I have done on the ancient venus goddesses.

When then heard a moving story from Kathy Jones on the experiences of priestess of old with the patriarchy and the emergence of the Mother World in the future.

We then had a small break before the drumming performance from Isabella Verbruggen & Loes Moezeller from Holland, it was so lovely to see my friend Loes bringing joy to those walking.

After lunch with had a group process of shedding the wounds of the past to free us to move forward into the future.

After the dinner break with had the Heart of the Mysteries Ceremony where we were all given the opportunity to receive a blessing from Anu, An Cailleach, Stella Nolava and the Cosmic Star Mother. A moving ceremony of three sections to explore by each participant, walking the labyrinth, and receiving blessings from priestesses  and then finally receiving a verbal through the priestess of the Cosmic Star Mother.

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