Saturday, 1 August 2015

DAY 10 Glastonbury

Today I attended the prayer circle in the Goddess Temple then conference started in the Town Hall with a movie of Andromeda with the largest and most detailed photo of the stars in heaven.

Yeshe Rabbit spoke of the Cosmic Consciousness – Eternity in an Instant on how to manifest reality in and out of existence.

Sally Pullinger then spoke on honouring our great comic mother star in her relaxed and humorous style, bringing her presence more and more into our lives tangibly.

After a break we had a choice of workshops and I attended Isabella Verbruggen – When Drummers were Women workshop. She is great friends with Loes my friend from Holland and the two of them lead us through a drumming workshop with voice and dance. I just loved the afternoon drumming and moving together in circle with the women.

We then went to lunch and in the afternoon I attended another workshop of choice with Marion Van Eupen about Who is She who Calls Me? This was an amazing workshop where we meditated, moved and were guided to discover who our own Goddess is and what her purpose in our lives is. As all the goddesses of the world were once named and created many of thousands of years ago we now are doing the same process here today.  I became aware of my Goddess Anra who is here to guide me.

In the evening after dinner with Loes, Isabella, Maree and Anique at the local Indian Restaurant, Maree and I joined with conference on the Chalice Hill for the Lammas Ceremony honouring the Blue Moon with sacred fire and star gazing in the sacred landscape of Avalon.

Here the Tor is awash in the glow of the setting sun.

The moon just rising over the hill of the tor

Looking back at the sunset over Glastonbury

Sharing this night with my special friend Jan who I meet here two years ago, so wonderful to have so many special people to share this conference with.

Maree and I priestesses looking back at the sunset over Glastonbury

The flame carried by the High Priestesses towards the fire to celebrate Lammas

Kathy Jones visionary of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference – The Mother World - Temple and Goddess of Avalon - Nolava.

We walked back to our unit for a good night’s sleep feeling contented and exhausted.

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