Monday, 3 August 2015

Day 11 Glastonbury

Today the trainee priestesses of Rhiannon opening the day with morning prayer in all the native languages gathered here at the conference.

The program then followed with a talk from Miriam Raven such an inspiring women who has achieved so much both personally as Priestess of Avalon & Brighde and as a university lecturer.

Iris Lican then spoke on the fear of falling and the need to step up and be seen and bring about change in the world. This can be done in so many ways, through dance, art, creative pursuits etc.

This talk was followed by Why Women Should Govern by Vicki Noble who spoke on the benefit of women's circles that can be measured through the Oxytoxin in the body. A spell binding talk that I could have listened to for hours.The knowledge that this women holds and share so humbly is an honour to be witness to.

After a break we then heard from Katie Hoffner on theory U from Egosystem to Ecosystem an awareness based action research community in Massachusetts.

We celebrated the 80th birthday of the conference photographer and the dear Lydia Rule who makes all the amazing banners that fly at all the conferences around the world.

We ended the morning with the amazing Julie Felix singing songs.

My dear friend from NSW dancing to Julie's music.

It is impossible to not be inspired by all these amazing women.

During lunch I walked through the town of Glastonbury it is filled with so many people on the weekend and has such a lovely atmosphere.

After lunch I attended a workshop run by Vicki Noble Invoking the Dakini the Tibetan Buddhist Icon of female freedom and untamed nature. I really resonated with this practice which is so grounded and easy to do.

We then walked through the grounds of the Abbey with our new friend Marieclare, entering from the Abbey House such a lovely building in a lush relaxed garden setting, it was lovely as it was late afternoon and there were only a few people about.

The women's egg stone

Abbey Kitchen

Marieclare and Maree in the Ladies Chapel

In the evening we had our Masked Ball I attended as Luna the Goddess of the Moon. Maree was Sarasvati and Marieclare Baubo.

Here are the beauties of Australia Jan Tamara and Narelle

Maree and Jan

Maree & I

Miriam announcing the band

Sarasvati & Luna

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