Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Glastonbury Day 14

Today Maree and I had a rest day after the conference. We walked to Chalice Well and spent time taking in all the connections, inspirations and friendships of the conference week. Such an ideal setting to take this time of contemplation in the stillness of the well gardens.

Sitting at the well head

Here at the Lions Head with the sacred thorn tree behind we immerged our crystals which have been blessed in the sunlight, blue moon light, starlight, fire light and now the healing waters of the well.

You can see the staining of the red waters on the stone

The sacred yes tree in the grounds of the well

We then went for a walk around the Tor I was looking for the egg stone and after many false starts I found it and Maree and I sat in the stillness to hear any message that may have been meant for us at the close of the conference.

I tied my ribbon on the tree and send out my prayers across the plains of the Somerset lands.

So deeply sad to be saying goodbye to this land that is my soul's home, perhaps one day I will return again.

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