Wednesday, 29 July 2015

DAY 7 Glastonbury

After a day of travelling from India to London via Dubai, we stayed near the airport in Heathrow for the evening and had a restful day before catching the National Express Bus to Glastonbury at 5pm the next day arriving at the town hall about 9.30pm.

I then spent a day starting with coffee with my sister of the priestess Maree from Australia who is also here to share in the week of the conference before washing, grocery shopping then catching up with my dear friend Jan Guest who I met here in Glastonbury two years ago, along with her friend from Australia Tamara who is attending the conference for the first time. We spent three hours together catching up on the sacred tour of Somerset they had done prior to the conference and on my time in India.

After lunch we spent time in the Goddess Temple in meditation and thought of what lies ahead in the conference and inspiration and journey we all wish to have. Maree and I were then invited to share in the dinner of the priestesses of Avonlon, Melissa's and all those involved in the conference, a lovely honour to have been included in this special dinner.

We then were able to buy tickets at the door of the Assembly Rooms to attend the concert of Julie Felix an inspirational women of song, who in her late seventies sings so wonderfully full of passion, love and joy, it was a lovely night together.

We then awoke the next morning for the first day of the conference, starting in the Town Hall with the opening by the lady Lord Mayor of Glastonbury followed by music and dance. After lunch we gathered in our orb group  to walk in the landscape of Avalon. It has been very windy and wet for the last couple of days and as is the way of the Goddess the afternoon turned to pure sunshine and joy for our walk and gathering together.

Main Stage Altar

Ceremonial  Priestesses and Kathy Jones

Lord Mayor and Kathy Jones

View of the Tor from Wearill Hill

View over Glastonbury township

The sacred thorn tree

We then had a quiet hour or two for dinner in our unit before returning for the Opening Ceremony in the evening.

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