Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Winterthur Day 4

I would walk from my hotel into Winterthur and would usually take a wrong turn and would ask for help to find the log man who was in the green way in the street where Anique was staying, a mall type street filled with restaurants and tables under the trees to enjoy something to eat and drink, a really lovely village setting.

After two days of workshops on the Chakra’s with Anique and the Swiss tribe, where I acted as technical support, operating the music and PowerPoint presentations – who would have thought I would ever do technical support, we left Winterthur to go to Zurich.

Stephanie the priestess of the Swiss Goddess Temple drove us to the Verana Vschlucht where the Goddess has been honoured even prior to being made a saint by the Christian Church. The walk through the woods was so lush with a creek running along the side and the ferns and moss clinging to the rocks and landscape. Along the walk there are numerous caves where legend has it that the Goddess would enter and bring out a child for the women who came here and wanted to create a new life in their lives. Such a magically place you could feel her presence everywhere in the beauty filled nature womb formed by the rocks.

The women come to the caves and leave ornaments etc as an offering to the Goddess to bring about their wishes and desires.

Stephanie was drawn to this particular cave on one of her visits to the area and went inside to find a large cave that could hold all her priestesses standing up, within the cave there is a hole in the ceiling which allows natural lighting within the cave. She has held ceremony with her priestesses within the cave.

Another Stephanie one of the priestesses and her partner Christian came along to the creek to visit this sacred site with us, such beauty filled people with open hearts, it was so nice just to spend time with these amazing people.

There is a chapel at the end of the path along the creek.

There is a cave made in the rock face with carved seating and I sat within the alcove and looked out upon the creek.  Whilst I sat within the cave I was deeply touched by Goddess and given a strong message of direction for my life, such a blessings.

There is a nun who lives alone in a little house on the creek and she is the guardian of Verana.

There is also a chapel in honour of Verana (On left)  and beside the staircase to the chapel is the Verana Loch a small hole in the natural rock wall where for hundreds of years people have placed there hand inside to make a wish they wish to manifests in there lives.

Here Stephanie and Anique stand by the hole.

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