Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Disney Day 1

After two days of travel, the first flying from Zurich to Dusseldorf onto Los Angeles, I stayed the night by the airport for another early start to fly to Florida. As it turned out with no English television in Germany and Switzerland was unaware of Hurricane Erica which I flew into Florida to. There were people at the airport suspecting that we would not fly or get to our destination of Florida, however we were blessed to arrive on a smooth flight into dry weather. However during the early evening we had a storm of which I have never experienced in New South Wales.

The unit I have in Florida is part of the RCI program that Kevin and I have ownership in and is so large and spacious compared to the hotels of Europe.

The view from my balcony.

I awoke the next day to overcast but a dry day so it was Disney here I come, and it was the Epcot park that I hit today.

Whilst there I went on the Living with the Land ride going through the greenhouses of the Land Pavilion to see the new techniques of growing plants that the Disney scientists have established.

Drum Gourds

My favourite part of Epcot is the World Showcase where many lands our represented.

Mexico was the first country on my visit with the Gran Fiesta Tour.

Within the small museum the following statues caught my eye.

A terracotta female figure from West Mexico 200 – 300 AD

Another female figurine from Chupicuaro Mexico 400 – 100BC

Norway was the next country on my visit.

The next country walking around the lake was China.

The Tomb Warriors 221 – 210 BC

I then visited Germany.


I listened to these sings in the Liberty Inn in America


Then onto France

I felt strange visiting the United Kingdom having just been there only a few weeks ago. I feel so at home in the United Kingdom and just seeing these buildings just made my heart sing once again.

My last country to visit was Canada.

I headed home just as a storm game in, so I was grateful to have seen Epcot in the dry, I have heard on the TV that the Hurricane has now been downgraded so I am very blessed.

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