Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Switzerland Day 3

Today I went to the Swiss National Museum, or Landesmuseum, surveys Swiss art, history and culture from as far back as 4th century B.C. Inside everything from medieval to religious frescoes, weapons and Swiss clock making. There are also ornate historic rooms to wander through, as well as a Zwingli/Swiss Reformation room and a noted prehistoric section. The museum building is over 100 years old and resembles a fairy tale castle.


Tiled stove 14th century

 Wood panelling 17th century

Woman’s burial from 7th century in Bulach

Moon Idols 1000BC

Mary with the child between her half sisters Mary Salime and Mary Cleophas and sons. Anna and her husband Joachim and daughter Mary are on the left and Mary and Joseph with Jesus as a baby are on the right. Altarpiece from 1502.

I then caught the Polynbahn the second fuicular in Zurich linking the Central Square with the Zurich University.

The views over the city are below.

I then went for a walk along the Niederdorfstrasse in the old town, where many of local handicrafts are for sale produced by the Swiss people. I wandered from here to the Bahnhofstrasse the main street of Zurich where ever famous brand is represented. I still had time to spare so I took the tram to the lake and had my lunch.

My time by the lake was a lovely way to say goodbye to Zurich and Switzerland a really beautiful country which I hope one day to return. Tomorrow I fly to the USA.

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