Friday, 4 September 2015

Disney Day 4

Today was my day to explore Magic Kingdom, I arrived in time for the countdown to opening and fireworks and streamers produced as the park opened. It took me right back to 2001 when I first visited Disneyland in LA with Kevin for the first time.

When in Magic Kingdom one has to go on the age old ride of the Old Tea Party, this I also remember so fondly on spinning with Kevin in the teacup on my first visit

Then I was off to try my driving skills at the Tomorrowland Speedway.

I boarded my car to aim and fire my laser in the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.

The views of the park where great from the Transit Authority People mover.

You can’t come to Magic Kingdom without going on Its a Small World boat ride, it has changed a lot over the years since I last rode through all the lands of the world singing It's a Small World After All.

The detail that Disney puts into each building is amazing, and no matter how old you are, your inner child comes out to play in this amazing wonderland.

The cool down station was very popular in this incredible heat, the staff are even saying how unbearable it is at present with the humidity being at 100%.

There was a small parade celebrating song and dance with the characters.

Even Mary Poppins called in to say hello to some of the visitors of the park.

And of course of celebration can happen without Mickey Mouse.

More views of the park this time from the Liberty Square Riverboat.

I then found my place on the railway station platform to watch the Main Parade.

A wonderful day full of the Disney magic, then I was back to catch the bus to the unit

When I was walking through the village to my unit I usually see the little squirrels which are so quick I have not been able to get a photo however this evening I found a new friend on my walk, I think it is a raccoon.

He allowed me to get quite close to him which was really nice.

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