Monday, 3 June 2013

Last Day in Edinburgh

Today we walked to the Botanical Gardens stopping to have a browse through the Stockbridge Markets on the way.

Fresh Paella being cooked
Handmade Soap
The Botanic Gardens have 72 acres of stunning grounds. Founded in 1670, the Garden is acknowledged to be one of the finest in the world where unusual and beautiful plants can be found, including a magnificent Glasshouse featuring Britain's tallest Palm House.

Queen Mother's Memorial Garden with Memorial Pavilion in the background

The roof of the pavilion is decorated with pinecones

The walls of the pavilion are decorated with shells

After leaving the Botanic Gardens with walked through New Town and this is typical of the housing in this area very unusual to look at.

Our last view of Edinburgh Castle
 We then walked to the National Museum of Scotland to have a look around.

The Victorian heart of the museum building
 The Egyptian section of the museum had some really interesting items I thought I would share.

Statue of Arensnuphis who stood guard at the entrance to an ancient Nubian  Temple dedicated to Isis Goddess of fertility, motherhood and magic - 100 - 50BC

Carved pictish stone of the 7th or 8th centuries - history is silent on the meaning of the symbols.

A cast of the tomb of Mary Queen of Scots in Westminster Abbey London

The Bute Mazer 14th century communial drinking cup.

Fertility figures 2000 - 500BC kept in homes to ensure women could become pregnant.

Fertility Figure

Baubo Greek Goddess

Woman with water pot

Goddess Ashtoreth from Mediterranean 
After the museum we walked to The Meadows to have a look at a local festival being held in the park with people listening to live music and having BBQ on the grass which are silver foil trays with charcoals in them and a little grill that rests over the top. It was such a lovely day and a Sunday so people were out every where enjoying the day.

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