Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Drummond Gardens

Today it was another perfect day we don't even need to wear jackets. We went for a drive through the Crieff district looking at the country side and had a look through the shops including the most amazing Christmas Shop with at least 12 different rooms and themes and the Stuart & Waterford Crystal Shops. We then went to the Drummond Gardens. One of the finest formal gardens in Europe. Created in 1620's by John Drummond the 2nd Earl of Perth. Enlarged and redesigned in the 1820's. Replanted in the 1950's preserving the pattern of the parterre, the old yews and the two copper beech planted by Queen Victoria in 1842.

Starting the day at our guesthouse with a hearty Scottish breakfast.

Some of the amazing items for sale in the Crieff Christmas Store called the Nutcracker.

I could have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars in the shop.

Crieff countryside

The Beech Avenue leading to the Drummond Gardens

The family home of the Drummonds which has been in the family since the 1620's

The gardens were filled with the most amazing statues

A natural grove was created in the garden where the trees grow out to the sun leaving a circular empty area of at least 10 mtrs underneath.

Sundial by John Mylne made in 1630

Truly remarkable gardens.
We then stopped at Fowlis Wester Parish Church built in 1927 on route to Perth to see the Pictish Stone.

In 1927 this stone was found built into the wall of the church when restoring the church. Traditional Celtic Cross with a circle which represents the sun. The tracery leaves no loose ends symbolising eternity.

Crossing the River Tay on our way to dinner in Perth.

The bridge was built in 1766.

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