Monday, 17 June 2013


Today is Fathers Day and also the Queens Birthday Long Weekend. We walked around the city taking in all the amazing shopping complexes as well as The Peoples Palace. The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens is a short walk from the heart of the City, and lies within the grounds of historic Glasgow Green. - The People’s Palace tells the​ story of Glasgow and its people. It was opened in 1898 and gives visitors a chance to see the story of the people and city of Glasgow from 1750 to the present. Outside, the restored Doulton Fountain originally gift to Glasgow for the International Exhibition of 1888, sits in Glasgow Green the oldest public space in Glasgow. Depicting Britain's four colonies Australia, Canada, South Africa and India. The Doulton Fountain is the largest terracotta fountain in the world, as well as the best surviving example of its kind.

This is the window display of the All Saints Co Ltd of Quality Garments I just loved it all different machines and all different brands it is quite a landmark in the city.

Doulton Fountain

The Australian Section of the Fountain

A carpet manufacturer beside the People's Palace is a magnificent building.

The Winter Gardens Glasshouse

The People's Palace

This is a cupcake dispenser like a drink machine I couldn't believe just how big the cup cake business is worldwide.

The Inside of the Argyll Arcade - an exclusive arcade of jewelers including Rolex etc. complete with gentlemen dressed in tails to assist you as needed, he informed me the arcade is 200 years old.

The outside of the Argyll Arcade 

The Outside of the Princes Square Complex

Inside Prices Square

Glasgow City Council City Chambers

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