Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lorne Day 1

Today we left Halls Gap and all the beauty of the mountains to go to the Great Ocean Road for the next step in our adventure.

We decided to go Creswick and went to the local markets before going to the Creswick Woolen Mills where we purchased Alpaca pillows and doona, can't wait for the renovations at home to be finished and to make up the new room with these. I also got some end of cones with the natural spun fibres to do some craft creating with after all the renovations and I have time to relax again.

Next we drove to Daylesford what a lovely town and looks like there is so much there to do and see, so it has now been placed on the bucket list for a weeks stay in the future. Whilst we were there we visited The Mill, a chain type co-operative warehouse of antiques, cloths, furniture etc and I picked up some bargains of leather and suede, alpaca curls or fleece, a washing basket full of sewing threads so I was thrilled with my treasures. You wouldn't think we are travelling and had limited luggage space but you can't leave a bargain behind can you ladies.

Sorry terrible photos from the phone but it gives you an idea.

With the car overflowing we headed to the Great Ocean Road and saw our first glimpses of the ocean from Point Roadknight.

The weather is much cooler again so we will be off adventuring all the sites of the area around Lorne tomorrow. 

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