Friday, 18 March 2016

Halls Gap Day 8

Today is our last day in The Grampians, it is such a different day today, with much cooler weather and rain overnight and on and off during the day. We had a late start and made our way to the Wonderland Carpark to head off on the Grand Canyon Walk.

Natures own bubble bath.


As there was so much water flowing beside the Grand Canyon walk we decided to go back to the Silverband Falls we visited the other day to see if the rain overnight has made a big difference.

The difference a night of rain makes.

After our walk we drove back past the dam, and we called in to see the area below the dam wall and we were blessed with seven different varieties of birds within about 15 minutes.

We drove back to the unit through the back streets and were able to see the Pinnacle from the ground were we walked the other day, it just shows why I thought it was such a big walk and was so exhausted afterwards. The top of the first photo is where the lookout is.

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