Thursday, 17 March 2016

Halls Gap Day 7

Today we drove to Zumsteins to go for a walk of 2.3km one way to Fish Falls. Following the MacKenzie River upstream, the walk goes through deep gullies and provides river views. This track eventually leads to the terraced base of Fish Falls. From here you can return to Zumsteins or follow the track to MacKenzie Falls, the track to the Falls becomes steeper, meandering through a large gorge beside the river to MacKenzie Falls.


First glimpse of the terraced base of Fish Falls.

When we climbed to the top of Fish Falls Kevin thought we might as well walk on to McKenzie Falls and view them from the bottom. This made our walk a 7 1/2 km return walk.

Here we see the first glimpse of McKenzie Falls



Graffiti the old fashioned way from 1931.

this was a lovely place by the river in the shade for a drink break.

After a rest in the shade it was time to head back to the car, quite a long walk as it is such a hot day today.

After having lunch in the picnic grounds we drove to Horsham via a little country town that we just loved Natimuk which had lovely historical buildings.

On the way there were beautiful views back towards The Grampians.

As we became closer to Horsham on the way to Natimuk we had wonderful views of Mt Arapiles.

This amazing building we assume was the old pub.

The old Bank building.

I could not believe that we are so remote and here in this very small country town I found yarn bombing, I just loved this.

Modern sculpture outside the Court House.

Driving back to Halls Gap other angle of the Grampians. It is hard to believe that tomorrow will only be about 10oC and that it will feel like OoC after the severe heat we have had today.

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