Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Halls Gap Day 1 & 2

The girls dropped me to my new home for the coming week with Kevin just before they headed home after our Grampians Texture week.

DÁltons Resort is set at the base of one of the ranges that makes up the Grampians in which Halls Gap sits between. We have a separate studio apartment and it is so quiet and peaceful I slept for 12 hours on the first night.

I got washing done and dried from my 12 days away, rested and watched a little TV and read for the two days until Kevin joined me after his overnight stay in Wagga Wagga.

View of one of the Studio cabins at the base of the mountain range.

In the afternoon the kangaroos come to graze on the green grass that grows where the sprinklers water.

Resting in the shade beside my verandah.

Just the other side of the outdoor table, I can't believe how tame these beautiful creatures are.

Here mother is still giving her Joey who is a long way out of the pouch a drink to supplement her diet. Again right in front of me may be 2 1/2 metres away, I had no trouble at all filling in my afternoon with all these wonderful creatures to keep me company.

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