Thursday, 1 October 2015

California Day 8

After breakfast I attended with Deborah the workshop with Lithia Brigan (Lisa) the girl who came to Crete on Anique's tour two years ago, it was so nice to catch up with her again).

The Mother Heart Spirit Doll Workshop and Blessing Ritual was just what I needed.

Mother love is essential for life and it flows from each of our hearts to provide healing energy, for ourselves as well as others. We created our own vision of Mother Goddess in the form of a devotional poppet and then brought her to life with intention and blessings. She is then always with us whenever we need her and all the intention and love placed into her at the conference will comfort us at any time we wish to feel more mother's love.

The initial laying out of the fabrics

Deborah and my finished dolls

Our last meal together lunch in the dining hall. The altar in the dining hall with our dolls resting in front of Kuan Yin receiving further blessings to come home with us to Australia.

It has been such a joy to me to share this conference with my priestess sister Deborah, such a beautiful women who is such a pleasure to know. We will never forget our memories created here at the conference, we have laughed, cried, and shared such an array of emotions, including germs (the downside of being room buddies). Thank you Deborah.

After lunch we then had the closing ceremony and gift giveaway, straight after which we had to leave to catch the lift back to the Van Nuys Fly Away for our bus to return to Los Angeles. It was such a rush that I don't feel that I got to say goodbye to all the wonderful women that I meet during the conference however I send love and gratitude to you all here.

A quite night then at the hotel in Los Angeles as Deborah is also not well, and she flys to Virginia tomorrow to catch up with friends and have two more weeks of her holiday.

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