Thursday, 1 October 2015

California Day 6

Today was the opening ceremony of the conference where we all gathered and chanted and called in the elements to be present here for each person during the conference.

We then went to our workshops for the morning. Deborah and I both went to hear a round table of multicultural Voices of She of Many Colours - Sharing perspectives and practices of devotion from Bilwarra Lee (Australian Aboriginal GrandMother) Julie Tumamait Stenslie (Chumash Elder Ojai, California) and Letecia Layson as moderator.

After lunch I chose to go to Brooke Medicine Eagle's workshop on the Nine Pointed Star - Awakening in a Golden Time. Native lineages give us powerful spiritual prophecies and metaphors to guide us in this amazing time of awaking into a renewed and bountiful life on this sweet and beautiful Lady Gaia. The nine pointed star, akin to the throat chakra, is central to this dawning time, and using it fully is remarkably empowering. We learnt basic principles, then worked with word and song, chant and dance to uplift our experience and guide us on our sacred walk, our healing path.

We all gathered for our lunch together before heading to our selected workshops for the afternoon.

The next workshop I attended was by Lori C Hops PhD - Mother knows Best - Self Care and the Earth Mother Archetype for Health and Wellbeing. Given how unwell I am at this conference and the end of my holiday I thought there would definitely be a message for me to hear in this workshop.

It reflected on do we put ourselves first, do we treat ourselves with love and respect, releasing blockages and enhancing our inner light. Working with Earth Mothers such as Gaia, Pachamama, Kali, Amma, Mother Meera etc.

Again it was time to each dinner together and then we had ceremony that evening. It was the same ceremony I had attended both in Glastonbury two years ago and in Queensland prior to that, where each participant brings soil and water from there homeland, during the ceremony each person goes to the central area where all the soils and waters are gathered together and mixed together. The water is then poured into the soils and a mud mixture of all the lands of those attending the conference is made, Each person is then offered to go forth and paint there body, face, arms with the mixture as a sign of unity of the women gathered together for the conference.

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