Thursday, 1 October 2015

California Day 7

Due to feeling so unwell I have not been getting up to start my day as I always do at conferences with the morning prayer circle and instead took it easy in the room and the lovely Canadian ladies staying next door drove us to the dining hall for breakfast.

The workshop that I attended this morning was with Jacqui Bushell - The Way of the Magdalene. In the workshop living the divine in everyday life as unconditional love in action, in service to the divine, as one with Beloved was the focus.

As the Divine Feminine re-emerges on earth, we are invited to remember once again the joyous way of love and oneness. Through meditation, sacred sound, stories of the life of Mary Magdalene and a profound anointing experience, we were place in touch with our own divinity and were deeply connected to our partner in the workshop in this experiential experience.

Jacqui is able to create such a sense of no judgement, love and unconditional acceptance within the workshop and working together with your chosen partner for the workshop anointing each others feet with water, oils, massage, rose petals and flowers you can not help but be transported to a place of pure love.

It was then time for me to attend the workshop with Lydia Ruyle which I had booked into Finding your Sacred Language Art Workshop.  Art symbols, myths and archetypes are a treasure to explore. We joined the Feminine Muses and creative spirits to find our own symbolic soul language. Then we crafted a silk Khata/prayer scarf.

Lydia is such a gift to the Goddess community of an Elder who so graciously is prepared to impart any knowledge she has, share any learnings she has gained, and share her own essence in order for you to feel special and to create a closer connection to Goddess for yourself.

This workshop was something that I will treasure always having crafted with such a special pure presence with those energies going into my scarf that I may carry it with me always.

We then had a small ritual of sharing our scarfs with each other and explaining the meaning if any in our creation, we then placed our sacred scarfs on the women beside us giving a blessing for them to take away with them.

We then all gathered once again for lunch in the dining hall. I decided to have a reading after lunch with Georgina and waited for my time slot in the vendors hall, however she was well over time and we rescheduled for that evening.

So I attended the next workshop I had chosen in the afternoon with Rev Judith Laxer called Lilith's Truth - Our Legacy of Power.

Both desirable and dangerous Lilith beckons to us from deep within our religious past. Lilith is our instinctive self, now consciously emerging. Knowing Lilith helps women shed their sexual taboos and to see themselves as equal partners in relationships of all kinds. Lilith gifts us with liberation, and in that freedom arises a life of choice and sovereignty.

It was then time for dinner before the concert in the evening. I had dinner and went for my reading and then joined to concert late, but still in time to hear all the singing having only missed some of the dancing.

Here is Julie Felix with the guitar and Rowan Storm with the drum.

Lithia is holding the frame drum dressed in black

 Anique Radiant Heart

Rev Judith Laxer

Hecate's Wheel

Peti Songcatcher

The finale

Then it was to bed as this chest infection has really taken hold and I am now just so tired.

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