Monday, 29 July 2013

Glastonbury Walking the Tor Labyrinth

For interested in the Glastonbury Tor Labyrinth I have spoken in details in a previous posting on this subject so please refer to this for more information.

The terracing slopes of the Glastonbury Tor are a great three dimensional labyrinth, a ceremonial way dedicated to the ancient Goddess where many people walk her path in a sacred manner.

My experience of the walking the Tor with 10 other women from America, South Africa, Australia and the UK was one of great challenge and very humbling. We started on the main concrete path towards the Tor from Wellhouse Lane stopping to greet each other as we entered through the wooden gateway, we walked to the fallen Standing Stone which was our entry point for Level 3 associated with the Fire Element and the Solar Plexus Chakra. The walk continues through the layers of the Labyrinth next being 2 associated with the Water Element and the Sacral Chakra, then Level 1 associated with the Earth Element and the Base Chakra, then Level 4 associated with the Air Element and the Heart Chakra, the next Level 7 associated with the Crown Chakra, next Level 6 and the Third Eye Chakra and finally Level 5 and the Throat Chakra.

The whole walk took 8 hours with time on each level to hold ceremony of honour and to receive blessings. The top of the Tor is also where the lay lines of Mary (Magdalene) and Michael (Archangel) come together a very powerful place to receive guidance and answers to questions you may have. It is also linked through myth and legend to be home of Gwyn ap Nudd the Lord of the Underworld and a place where the faery folk live.

My personal learnings from the day have been about life in general. As we start out our challenges are few and easy to deal with like the uneven ground of the lower levels of the labyrinth. As we age and mature the challenges become more complex and difficult to solve and you must rely on inner knowings and lessons learned through life experience how to step ahead. This is represented by the higher levels of the labyrinth where you must not doubt your footings and there is one path to walk only small 10cm wide tracks that are uneven, with holes to step into, or the very steep slope of the mountain to fall down. You must learn to trust and step with confidence and keep going forward not stopping or fearing the process but continuing with determination to achieve your goals. Once you have taken this lesson to heart you find yourself on an easier path and the journey ahead is clear and sure. So to it is in life, I was truly surprised how much this walk and life in general where the same. The animals around us also provided learnings for us as we walked.

We had lunch in the heart of the Tor in the Avalon Orchids and I was humbled to think that I was here and becoming one in such an ancient and blessed place.

First Views from Level 3

First sighting of the Tor

We walked in single file in silence

This is Wearyall Hill which jut captivated me all day

Avalon Orchids

Gathering for Grandmother ceremony

Offerings to mother

Glastonbury Tor

The Sacred Egg Stone

We tied blessings onto the sacred tree beside the egg stone

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