Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Day 19 - River Cruise Day 8 - Tan Chau

 Today we spent the morning in Tan Chau and had personal rickshaws (Xe Loi) and visited a silk factory and a straw mat factory.

The Silk making factory was so interesting, this machine takes 2 1/2 hours to thread which I think is amazing as it has about 5,000 threads.

Then it was back on the rickshaws to the rattan mat factory where the mostly women work making the mats, they are paid by the completed mat for which they receive 50 cents, one mat takes approximately 2 hours to complete. These ladies are very fortunate as they work inside where they are sheltered from the rain and the sun and are able to sit down, being able to have their children with them is another big incentive to wish to work for the company.

 This lady dyes the straws for the mat, she is paid more to do this job however is expected to dye about 100kg per day. Because of the heat and humidity here in Vietnam the people sleep on these mats lying on there floors without any padding as this is cooler than our style of beds with mattresses.

We then boarded a small boat for a ride to the green island, where we went ashore and walked amongst the village, very interesting to see how they grow their crops, raise their chickens etc. and set up their homes. This beautiful lotus pool was between some of the homes, just so peaceful and beautiful.

Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice after Thailand, the Mekong Delta produces about half of the total of Vietnam's rice output. In fact, the delta produces more rice than Korea and Japan together.

Here is the entrance to one of the wedding celebrations we are seeing on a daily basis here with the bride and grooms photos on the right, Kevin was offered a glass of rice wine as we walked past to help celebration to good fortune of the couple.

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