Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 12 - Transfer to join our cruise from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh

Today we moved from our Travellers' Choice™ 2015 Winner in the Bargain category to our new 5 star hotel. Angkor Pearl was great value for money but the difference is very noticeable. It's great to have experienced them in this order as we really appreciate our new accommodation. When you think that running water is far from common here in Cambodia, you really appreciate Oz.

All through the hotel, on the plate with hand towels in the bathroom, on the fruit plate, in the pots of water along the hallways there are these amazing folded lotus flowers, every day we walk past the staff who sit and create these absolutely beautiful flower arrangements, just amazing.

We went on the tour to Angkor Thom once again here we are stopped at the South gate and I think I caught some different shots.

Then we went to the Bayon Temple, it was nice to here the history of the temple and the people from the guide and you always see something new.

During our welcome dinner to the tour at the hotel we again saw the Aspara dancing, so delicate.

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