Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 6 - Leaving Bangkok and Arriving in Siem Reap

Yesterday we made our way to the Don Meang Airport at Bangkok and arrived at Siam Reap less than an hours flight later. Organizing our Visa's in Australia meant that we were pretty much first through customs and out of the airport where Mr. Pen was waiting for us.

The last views of Bangkok

One of our first views of Cambodia

Our room at Angkor Pearl

We splurged at the Sheraton for dinner and they put on a show for us it seemed with only about 10 people eating on the veranda to view the show and we were given the first table even though we were not guests of the hotel!

The apsara dance program went through 7 different traditional dances being the blessing dance shown above with the falling petals, fishing dance, pailinn peacock dance, tep monorom dance, the coconut shell dance and  the aspara dance also shown above.

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