Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 3 - Shopping and Show

Today we had booked from Australia to go and see the show Siam Niramit - Thailand's must see show (and it was). Before that we headed off to the MBK shopping centre to see what we could find.

We could have paid for a Tuk-Tuk but where's the adventure in that! So Kevin's new phone came in handy with a walking route to a different local ferry along a canal that would take us to within a few hundred metres for the centre we set off.

 Started out on this attractive path beside a canal.
Then it became a little dubious, at one point I felt we were going to walk into someone home, this though is the real way to experience the peoples lives, see the real sights and talk with gestures to the locals who are not English speaking.

Then all of a sudden we were back on to the main street and saw this beautiful Happy New Year windmill.

We got on the ferry, however today there was nobody but locals sharing the ferry so we know we are really experiencing their lives, which we just find so enriching.

We found a few different things to buy in our shopping and then re trod our steps back to the hotel in time to be picked up to go to the show, unfortunately no photos inside the show, however there was entertainment outside and a Thai Village to explore which we loved.

We found this sculpture outside the shopping centre.

 Cast members from the shop.

Inside this Thai house I received a blessing off a lady about my mothers age with a white piece of cord she spoke her blessings in Thai as she wrapped it around my left wrist three times and then knotted it three times, after she finished speaking she held my hand and blew on it from the wrist to my fingers, then in English wish me blessings and happy travels. I was really touched by what she did.

 Here is lady is making the finest carpet on a foot controlled loom.

A puppet show with flat puppets made from dried buffalo hide then coloured just amazing.

Then it was off to the show where the stage is in the Beginners Book of Records, and little wonder when there are so many scene changes I could not count, two elephants are on stage amongst all the cast which is huge, then in the second half some how there is a river created into which a cast member actually jumps and it is deep enough that he goes under the water, a truly extraordinary show.

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