Monday, 22 April 2013

Living more Deeply

Over the weekend I was fortunate to attend a retreat in beautiful bushland with 10 other wonderful women. We were called together gathering in community with other women to go deeper and find our soul's pathway, which together we supported, laughed, cried, shared, recharged and grew. Friendships were formed and steps were taken to find or continue our soul's vision. This work was done in sacred space as the other women held safely, guided, nurtured and supported our ideas. We were not designed to give birth alone we were created in life to gather in tribes or community and through this network of soulful  and supportive collective women's energy our ideas and dreams take hold and flourish to take wings and fly like arrows through the skies to hit the mark on our life's pathway to bring new life into our soul and being.

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I thought I would share here my thoughts on my continued journey of expansion and growth, from the beginning steps into unknown territory full of paralysing fears to my growth of being able to hear my soul's calling and then surrendering my life to follow that calling again into the unknown. This time there are challenges and fears however there is an overall layer of deep knowing that when you follow that calling with true surrender that the fears (False Evidence Appearing Real) are only remnants of my past conditioning trying to pull me back into the familiar known playing field and have no power over me as I see them, acknowledge them and then let them go.

The birthing of my soul's calling has been long journey of removing and dissolving the conditioning and programming of my youth from other people's ideas and dreams of my life to form one of strong, stable, firm foundations of beliefs and truths that I have formed from my own life's experiences. As this process has taken place we are able to stand in our own truth and our own magnificence is able to shine and fill the world with our light. Like a ripple in a pond that starts from a small drop the effects keep radiating outward to all those that we love and have in our immediate life's then continues further out to those we have as acquaintances then further still out to the whole world. Because of this ripple I see that it is my life's soul agreement to work hard to come into this place of magnificence so that I am able to then share my gifts and wisdom with others. 

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When we stand with an open heart we are able to pull into our lives all the people, events and opportunities we need to encounter in order for our inner guidance to step forward and point the way forward to obtaining our ideals and dreams. Connecting deeply with our soul allows us to stand in integrity of who we are and what we stand for and in this place we are able to dig deeper within, take greater risks and see our fears and doubts from an outside perspective where we can learn and let go opening space within to be filled with our new purpose and dreams. Life should be seen as an eternal process of joyous spiritual discovery and growth.

For me what matters most in my life is my connection with divine and  myself, being fully present in each moment and feeling blissful. Having a deep, loving relationship with my spouse. Maintaining meaningful relationships with people, being able to connect with people on deep levels.  To live everyday fully as if it was my last.

We are all gifted with things that we are able to share with the world which allows the ripple to flow out to others. It is by our enhancement of these gifts and stepping up in our comfort zones that we can build on our strengths and expand our own life's purpose. These gifts are so numerous we just need to see them as the divine gifts that they are such as dancing, singing, writing, painting, crafts, teaching, healing, supporting and mothering. It is in knowing and nurturing these gifts that will lead you to re-membering and knowing yourself.

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By asking yourself questions it can assist you in finding your soul purpose. The first thing that comes to mind without thinking too much about the question is usually your soul's answer to the question so note it down, don't dismiss it - you can think more on it afterwards. Just keep answering the questions without editing or adding to the answer let you soul speak to you.

What activities make you lose track of time?

What makes you smile? (Crafts, activities, people, events etc.)

What makes you feel great inside when you do it?

What are you naturally good at? What comes easily to you? 

What do people tell you, you are good at?

What do people ask your help with?

What were your favourite things to do in the past? 

What are your favourite things to do now?

What matters most to you in life?

Who inspires you most and what qualities of their's inspire you?

What have you overcome in your life - fears, challenges or hardships? How did you do it?

What are your values in life?

With your talents and values. How could you use these to serve and help others? 

What would you regret not doing in your life?

What could you teach others?

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Answering these questions serves to help you look at your life from a much larger and spiritually expansive perspective than your normal day-to-day view. Identify which aspects came up regularly in your answers. By acknowledging and then making steps to participate in whatever area your soul spoke with you about, you can build on your current strengths and in doing so you will expand your energy to be the most inspiring person you can be.

We all know how to give the gift of a present to our friends and loved ones, but it is more important to share our soul's gifts that we were born with. When it is Christmas or somebodies birthday we all go about purchasing gifts to pass onto the people that our special in our lives. We do this without holding back we have the mind set that the item was never ours and we pass it on with love to the other person. If we could apply this principle of unquestioning generosity with out inner soul's gifts we might be able to give of ourselves more freely without fear and doubt.

The gift is of no purpose to anyone if we do not pass it on, if we keep it in the cupboard in the dark it has no benefit to anyone. So if we hold back and not share our internal gifts we deny the other people in our lives the gifts of our love, wisdom and growth. Once we step up and give more of ourselves the easier it is and we find we have more to offer others as our confidence grows our ideas and things to share grow along with it. 

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With this confidence we learn to speak well of our talents and offerings and like any performer or artist the more beautiful the presentation this just enhances the gift we have to offer. The presentation of the gift is as much a part of the energy of the gift as the gift itself. We can make it a joyful experience for all involved the receiver and ourselves in giving our offering to the world.

As our world is shifting around us at this time it is also a time when we ourselves are being called to make changes. Expand your vision for what you are can accomplish. Clarify your soul’s calling, taking this new fully embodied vision for your life and how it will benefit our world. When you want to touch people and be the brightest light you can be, and you are willing to die to an old way of being so that something new and much more soul aligned can be born, you will be walking the path of your soul's journey.

We can harness the take-no-prisoners intensity symbolized by Kali and integrate the sensual grace of Aphrodite. And that’s only just the beginning. Every one of us has many Soul gifts; the qualities that we embody without even thinking about it. Yours might be courage or wisdom or kindness or vulnerability or faith or enthusiasm. Simply by existing, you offer these Soul gifts to the world with every breath you exhale.

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