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Today I was thinking about awareness and thought I would share my ideas on awareness. There are so many levels on which we are able to be aware if we take the time to listen to our bodies and our inner knowing.

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There are very obvious symptoms our bodies give us to be aware of, such as changes in sleep patterns, changes of emotions, changes in eating patterns, skin irritations, power surges, physical illness, vivid dreams, changes in weight, food allergies, falls, dizziness, heart palpations, heightened senses such as taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch. Things that change so obviously are easy to recognise and our bodies are urging us to listen and therefore if we choose we have the ability to look into what is behind these actions and do something different if we wish to.  

Activity in the crown chakra, a need to find yourself, emotional or mental confusion, loss of interest in things, creative ideas, a sense that time is passing too quickly, a yearning for something, impatience, something speaking to you from a profound deep level, intuition, a sense of wonder and memories coming back to you are less obvious signs that your inner knowing wishes you to take time to become aware of what is happening in your life and perhaps change or increase certain activities.

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The key is to get in touch and become aware of the messages that are being sent to you in order to live your life in a more harmonious way. No matter what spiritual path you have chosen to walk you need to set time aside to be still and push aside all the unnecessary chatter to find the truth that your inner essence is trying to show you. We all know what is best for us, we just get caught listening to all the should's and could's that create barriers to living our true purpose. When we are separated from our true knowing we become confused and start asking questions like Who Am I? Is this all there is to life? Is there something missing from my life?

It is when we sit and listen to our own inner voice and act on the wisdom that is shares with us that we can become whole and reunite our spirit with our physical activities and day to day life. We always have the answers to all the questions we have deep inside. It is in taking the time that is needed and not rushing through our day that these still voices can be heard.

Be still, Be Calm
Allow the love to flow
And as the love flows
The pure diamond
That is within
Reveals it’s light
It begins to shine
And reflect to you
All the love it holds
Sit still for now
And feel
The power of
Your own being
-Suzie Cheel
Your way of connecting to your inner spirit will be different for each of us, it should not be a struggle, it is
in your willingness to take the time and intention to be still that the knowledge will flow. When we are still we are free to look within and see things from a different perspective and the more the awareness grows the more we look. You will know the truth when you allow your spirit to just be.

Taking time to mediate is an easy was to empower your spirit and the more you practise the more comfortable it will became and your spirit will start to recognise that this is the time for it to step up and show you all the ideas, plans and actions it has waiting for you. When you spirit is empowered in this way it like you will flourish and before you know it you will sit ready to start mediating and all the answers will flow almost immediately when this has become a regular practise. It is only your mind that is holding you back in fulfilling your truth and becoming all you want to be.
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Owen Waters talks on the Seven Facets of Spiritual Awareness

Life can be a treadmill of mundane details or it can be an inspiring adventure of uplifting experiences. Through the regular, daily practice of meditation, you can start each day by raising your frequency of consciousness above the mundane, work-a-day level into the spiritual realms of consciousness.

Here are seven facets of spiritual awareness which unfold as a result of daily meditation. Any technique will work.

Spiritual Awareness Facet Number One – Flow

A sense of flow attracts synchronicity into your life’s events. This almost magical sense enables you to always be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time in order to gain the most out of the experiences that the complete you, your inner self, planned for this life.

Spiritual Awareness Facet Number Two - Unconditional Love

You develop a sense of unconditional love for the inner, spiritual essence of all the people that you connect with in your life. Even the difficult people, as they are often holding up a mirror for you to understand an aspect of past habits which, deep down, you would like to examine at this time.

Your sense of unconditional love naturally includes full acceptance of yourself, just as you are, with the personality that you adopted for this lifetime of experience. You can catch those old thought patterns of self-criticism and remember that you live in a universe which is naturally full of love and unconditional acceptance.

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Spiritual Awareness Facet Number Three – Abundance

Accept abundance as the natural flow of the universe. Forget those opinions about there being something wrong with money. It’s a form of energy and the universe is filled with energy. Life gets a lot more convenient when you are abundant. It gets really inconvenient when you are not.

When you follow your innermost joy, you find yourself doing work that you love and find absorbing. When you find your work absorbing, you become very good at it, without feeling that it took a lot of effort to become that highly skilled. When you are good at your work, employers and customers alike hear about you by word-of-mouth recommendation and they seek you out. The more in-demand your services become, the more they are worth. Following your inner joy is the secret to finding and developing an occupation which brings natural abundance.

Spiritual Awareness Facet Number Four - Intuitive Insight

Both men and women find that, with regular spiritual practices, their sense of intuition develops smoothly and naturally. Soon, your insights grow to become very valuable in dealing with the challenges of life.

Spiritual Awareness Facet Number Five - Creativity

A growing sense of creativity becomes apparent when spiritual practices become your daily routine. You discover new ways to achieve results because you see situations from a broader perspective.

Spiritual Awareness Facet Number Six - Wisdom

Advances in spiritual wisdom and understanding come with deep meditation. In meditation, it is important to let distracting, surface thoughts dissipate so that deeper realizations may surface at the time that they are needed.

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Spiritual Awareness Facet Number Seven - Raising World Consciousness

When you detach from worldly concerns and express a higher frequency of consciousness, the conflicts of the lower frequencies of consciousness become automatically healed. When you let go of any form of conflict within yourself, you are able to rise to a higher frequency of consciousness in a state of harmony and balance.

Higher frequencies of consciousness hold a higher power. Not just a slightly higher power. The power ratio of spiritual consciousness to conflict-oriented consciousness is many thousands to one. If you allow balance to enter your life through a spiritual state of consciousness, it will manifest immediately and very powerfully in your daily life. You will also be helping to raise the global consciousness in a very powerful and constructive manner.

“Live to learn to love.
Learn to love to live.
Love to live to learn
so that you may live the life that you yearn.”
Rico Dasheem

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