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Intuition as your Guide

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller

That little voice that nudges you when you're stuck between two choices? It's real.
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Trusting in our intuition connects and integrates our relationship with ourselves. Everyone can connect to this inner knowing whether it is a gut instinct, an inner voice, an inspired thought it doesn't matter how you get the guidance as long as you do and then listen to the instruction.

To hear these messages we need to have an open heart so that the information can flow through to us in it's given form. It is through this open heart that the messages can be directly given to you, not caught up in our own self talk to be discarded as nonsense, or operating solely from the rational mind. The intuitive approach should never replace rational, cognitive thinking, but should complement it.

There is no given time frame for this messages to come they will just be present when our spirit is ready to hear them. They can also come in the form of message through conversations we have, movies we watch or musical lyrics we hear.
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Intuition is very subtle which is why it is so easy not to hear the message. The messages have always been there but it may not be until you stop and consciously listen to them that you become aware of their presence. Knowing that this higher intelligence doesn't make mistakes can put us to rest in needing to know the details of how something will unfold.

Once we become accustom to hearing the message we will notice that they come through several vessels to insure that we understand the message clearly. It is when we make a conscious effort to be alert to the messages that the frequency will increase and the effort to do this will diminish and they will just happen like breathing.

When we then take actions in our lives to follow these messages our lives become richer with less difficulty or struggle involved. Less time is spent being anxious about things and more time completing tasks that nurture and fulfil us. We no longer have to be scared of making a mistakes or doing the wrong thing.
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Life improves and we become more connected to the essence of what it means to live this life, instead of going through our daily lives purposeless or without direction.

The biggest problem tuning into intuition is differentiating it from the inner voice and trusting what message we are being given. The only way to overcome this is to take the plunge and listen and go with the messages and they will prove over time that intuition does in fact happen and that the outcome to a situation is improved through them.

So create your intention to notice the messages in whatever form they come to you and say that you are welling and open to hear them. Write down the information you receive that feels like it was generated without your conscious thought in a notebook. Don't confuse the message with personal preferences you may have (these can be the result of fears, biases, prejudices or emotional reactions - or information received from spouses or love ones with vested interests in your decision), sometimes it will be a message completely opposite to way you have done things in the past. Practice listening and seeing with eyes open to see subtle things like you may ask for confirmation that this is the right thing to do, then perhaps you will have a feather float down to you, a certain song will be played on the radio with lyrics that link in to your thoughts etc. Take time to be still each day through whatever practise you prefer mediation, yoga, walking the messages may not come at this time but by being still you are allowing the body and spirit space which is a powerful way to boost intuition. When you are faced with a decision clear your mind and ask what the next step may be, then stop thinking about the question and just see what pops into your mind no matter how off beat to the question it may be whether an image, words or thought. Then write these down in your notebook, you will find that they will blend together creating a theme which you will then be able to interrupt towards the decision you have to make. Over time you will not have to write the information down and the messages will become clearer without the need for so many to put the picture together. When a number of them have worked out you will gain confidence in the process. You will know when the answer feels right within your body, mind and soul it will just rest there with an easy feeling. Like exercising a muscle, the more you use and follow it, the more it works for you.
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Know that your intuition is a normal function of the brain, not clairvoyance or some phenomena, it is when you have all the facts to a situation that the intuitive process can take over. It's actually a form of unconscious reasoning—one that's rooted in the way our brains collect and store information. When you see a tiny detail of a familiar pattern, you instantly recognize the larger picture—and that's what we regard as a flash of intuition. Our female ancestors, in particular, needed this skill: They had to tune in to their infants to enable them to survive. And this helps explain why women today have an edge when it comes to reading people. So listen to your gut feelings instead of brushing them aside. For example if your doctor dismisses a nagging symptom as "nothing serious" but you're still convinced there's something wrong—go with your hunch.

This seems to work best in stressful situations when our mind is cluttered and our hearts hurting and we feel confusion at each step. Just take some breaths and be still and apply the above principles.

It’s the feeling that for whatever reason you should go left instead of right, not to go on the vacation you've scheduled or give you the sense that something is or isn't right. Listening and following your intuition can guide you to your hearts desire or keep you out of trouble! ‘I just felt like something was wrong’, ‘it felt like the right thing to do’, or ‘I went with my gut on it’. You might not be conscious of it but following your inner guidance system leads you to the truth in any situation.

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